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MOD 1 Info
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited kisse

NOTE: If money & kisses doesn’t show up, please exit the game and try again

MOD 2 Info
  • Building instant Upgrade to gain Kisses (massive Kisses)
  • Shop Items doesn’t decrease currency


  1. If you have problems with the game start. Go to the page and start there the game. after loading game try it on your device.
  2. If the problem also appears try a new account

As a student, I understand what it feels like to be a student. With the instinct of wanting to learn everything to satisfy my curiosity, I made many friends and, above all, experienced quite a few love affairs while being a student. This game is the same, you will be transformed into a student with the same age as just turning 18. You wonder what you will do or what your main goal will be, that will be a surprise for you. yourself. Here, players will have to build their own town by building facilities and, from there, recruiting other people. A special feature besides building that town is that the game will give a quite special feature when we are allowed to collect details that characters in the town encounter, even if it is a hot scene of the game. no matter what they do.


In this game, I think perhaps the most important thing for players is that we can collect stories from university students living in our town. The stories here may be about meeting situations or feelings that the characters are having, but all of those stories will only lead to one thing: they will have sex with each other. One surprising thing is that the game lets players see those arousing details without covering or blurring them.

  • Captivating college storyline: Here, we will participate in the common stories of college students in the village.
  • Thrilling rescue missions: There will be 2 missions for us to do here. 1 will be the daily task to unlock characters, and the 2nd will be us securing these hot girls so we can have sex with them.


Besides the highest goal when we download this game, there is also a basic but very important goal which is that we need to build our town from zero to have more and more. many people live there. Once we have a variety of people here, we will start to look around, and from there, we can freely match with any girl or guy we are targeting. This must be the dream of all guys because we can always have sex with any girl we pay attention to.

  • Fantasy playground revival: Here, our student life is very interesting as we have a large playground to learn about and especially pair characters together.
  • Relationship shaping freedom: The pairing here will completely depend on the player; the matched couples will have to go through many different stages and situations to be able to get the girls to accept having sex. with the character you have chosen.
  • Matchmaker excitement unlocking: Experience the excitement of playing matchmaker while unlocking new opportunities and content.


When talking about sex scenes in games, of course, they are extremely arousing for both players and viewers. Because whenever sex scenes appear, it appears very suddenly, and of course, we see everything clearly, including the couple’s penis or clitoris. there. Besides, just to satisfy players, the game’s producers also create many stories with different genres, some of which can be mentioned as a threesome, blowjob, and boobjob.

  • Passionate Comic Store: Besides satisfying our excitement and curiosity, we will also partly revive the moments of reading comics that we lost before through stories.
  • Endless fantasy fulfillment: Because there are many different girls living here, you can choose for yourself the sex scenes you want will be very diverse, and you can pair anyone together and satisfy each other. satisfy your curiosity.


Going back to the main idea of ​​this game, the thing you need to do most is to build a more comfortable and beautiful campus to attract other candidates to study at the school here. This will completely depend on your preferences and what your campus needs most. From there, we just need to build facilities such as a swimming pool, a cafe, or maybe boarding houses for students to live in and add more hot scenes for our gaming purposes.

  • Customized campus design: You are allowed to build your own campus with special designs depending on your preferences.
  • Unique character interactions: Here there will be a total of 12 female characters and of course each of them will have a different hobby and personality for us to explore.

College Life v2.1.26 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Kisses) Download

Download (73M)

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