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Cre: Yaskashije

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE is gradually introducing new features in order to provide players with the best possible experience. This is a new type of action role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of the astute and quick Al. You’ve been sleeping long, but your memory is still sharp. This time, you’re back for vengeance and to rebuild your political machine. You will easily overcome the great challenges ahead, thanks to your friends.

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE(ギアジェネ)


You awake from a terrible shock and have no idea where you are in the world. Now you only hear your friend’s account of how the enemy is taking over your country. Your strength and wisdom remain, but the country has been lost; you must awaken to restore the old political machine. A swarm of evil enemies awaits you, and they will strike quickly if you decide to rebel.

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE(ギアジェネ)

But now, you must quietly build up your forces in preparation for powerful attacks. Players must learn to summon their brothers and convince them to join forces to defeat the enemy. What’s more, コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE will provide you with the necessary strength and weapons to take on this challenge. The country needs you, and everyone believes in you, so conquering your territory should be your top priority.

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE(ギアジェネ)


You live in a world full of enemies and must exploit their flaws to overthrow them easily. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, so use the stealth function immediately to sneak into areas with information. Prepare your weapons, such as guns and daggers, because if you come across obstacles, you can launch moves to silence them. When taking on these challenges, players must use caution and rely on friends for assistance on special occasions.

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE(ギアジェネ)

After you’ve meticulously prepared everything, the next step is to anticipate your opponent’s every move and strike first. It is necessary to put on armor, travel to the location of the enemy, and attack them immediately. If you are cornered, you can use the flash feature to bring them to a halt. The brothers will assist you in capturing all of your enemies and will always be there for you if you encounter difficulties in your pursuit.

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE(ギアジェネ)


After you have conquered the territory, you must begin restoring the spiritual world. The world in which you live will require the protection of the gods, and you will grow into a person capable of defending the country. Players must also rebuild fallen trees and a powerful political machine. Any enemy can appear at any time, and you must build a strong army system to deal with them. What is more unique is adding strength and useful features to be strong enough to lead the country.

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE(ギアジェネ)

コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE expects you to be calm and clear in all of your decisions. This game is gradually breaking through and incorporating the most effective support features. The game’s team battle function and eliminating the evil world both happen quickly. Players will also have more special abilities to help them on their quest to discover the truth about life.

Code Geass Genesic ReCode v1.1.2 MOD APK (God Mode, Damage/Defense) Download

Download (78M)

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