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“Low Ban Risk Section “

  • Always Critical
  • High Attack Speed

“High Risk Mod Section”

  • High Gold Drop
  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mod

Infos :
(Need to die after clearing some stages to get reward)

Don’t use the mod before fulling ending the tutorial.
Play At your own risk with bans features.

The action-adventure genre keeps us in suspense every minute of the day, and it’s all the more enjoyable with the investment to make it work better. Bankrupt Demon King is a suitable nomination for this outstanding category.

Bankrupt Demon King


The demon king’s castle used to be the most famous place in the underworld because it was so rich and had so many valuable things. But something happened that ruined all this great wealth. Now, nothing was left, and the demon lord became a poor beggar. But if you are willing to start over, you will help the demon king achieve his goal. You will control your character as he traverses deep dungeons and battles enemies. If you complete it well, you will receive a well-deserved reward. This way, you can become rich and move forward in the best possible way.

Bankrupt Demon King


You need minions to work for you and earn money for yourself every day. With the ability to summon, players can find the strongest creatures for themselves. The rarity of the parameters used to classify these organisms and high rarity means a lot of possible attributes will be added. They are also divided into roles: witches, archers, sworders, and gladiators. Each role will have a unique personality and use another weapon. Once you have mastered the characters you want, you can confidently enter the battle. Before going deep into dangerous areas, use your advantage to attack and trounce the enemy.

Bankrupt Demon King


As time goes on, the difficulty will increase, giving players more challenges. So your strength needs to rise as much as possible to keep up with the game’s pace. When entering the character customization section, you will see boxes for different types of equipment. In a set, there will be a set of armor, weapons, necklace, rings, earrings, and bracelets. The level of equipment will start from white, the weakest and gradually increase to green, green, purple, and yellow. High-rarity items will give you more stats, so you can confidently fight other demons without worrying about losing.

Bankrupt Demon King


A game screen will be divided into many parts, and players will have to complete each part before continuing to the next level. After each objective is reached, the player can choose from three random skills with more than one use. These abilities can increase HP, increase attack power, or create effects. Skills can be combined to create a more significant attack effect. Therefore, it is essential to read the descriptions carefully to choose the best skills for your character, helping to develop better combat conditions and eliminate enemies as quickly as possible.

Bankrupt Demon King


The ranking of the demon lords was used to determine their strength. This is also a goal that players can strive for and push themselves to achieve. The most potent demon lords will be honored at the highest levels weekly. It also shows how hard you work and how much you can accomplish. Find ways to help your character get the most powerful weapons and armor. Complete higher levels to get more coins and items. Any move you make in Bankrupt Demon King can definitely affect your future.

Download Bankrupt Demon King v19.32 MOD APK (Always Critical, High Reward)

Download (340M)

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