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AI Image Enlarger is cutting-edge software that allows you to edit photographs without introducing blurring effects and also includes an original anime conversion mode. This is an intriguing conversion application; as you can see, the anime-specific features are always available for selection on the homepage. You can also convert between a number of file formats. Furthermore, you can repair blurry or broken photos, and you can create one-of-a-kind photographs as a result of your exceptional abilities. Furthermore, the application allows you to customize each shooting angle in order to produce the most comprehensive work possible.

AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime


This application wants to give you the ability to create valuable images using the camera on your device. The application will include a photography component that will enable you to create detailed images tailored to your requirements. In addition, compared to the version before it, this photography feature will undergo upgrades and gradual improvements as time goes on. Taking photographs in low light can be accomplished with the help of the vivid Flash system.

The application wants you to be able to choose from a variety of contemporary shooting angles so that you can create visually engaging pictures. To bring attention to the details in your photograph, try shooting it from a different angle and pick a setting with a lot of visual interest. In addition, the application offers sample photos taken from various perspectives, along with detailed shooting notes for each picture. You can select references to obtain a three-dimensional view and produce the highest possible quality image.

AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime


The application wants you to use that image and switch to a special anime in addition to providing you with a new photography feature that gives you the ability to change the angle at which you shoot in the modern era. Each image will be shifted to a different segment, and the anime character will undergo consistent transformations throughout the show. Aside from that, you can improve the appearance of your anime by developing your original animation styles.

The application provides a wide selection of fantastic anime characters and eye-catching animations for you to pick and choose from at any time. This conversion can also be applied by uploading photos from a new collection or a social media website. Altering the color of the anime character and the scene that is being transitioned between can also be done. The primary focus of AI Image Enlarger is cropping, specifically cropping to make your images feel more cohesive and add highlights that stand out from the rest of your images.

AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime AI Enlarger: for Photo & Anime


The application has a specialized function that can fix image blurring and provide a more focused appearance. When the images are enlarged, it is easier to see the details; however, when doing so, it is common for minor flaws to be overlooked. On the other hand, this application features a maximum zoom system that does not display any blurring or cracking when it is used. An intriguing point such as that will make your photograph stand out and can assist you in avoiding making any mistakes.


You can create new effects as well as animations in addition to the outstanding features that have been listed above. Adding new effects to your pictures will make them more interesting, and you can export these pictures to make a fantastic anime movie. You can also customize each filter to ensure viewers feel sympathetic toward your photographs. You have the option of modifying the font as well as adding new text when using this application.

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Download (28M)

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