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Have you ever wished for an app to help secure your device’s Internet? Then + WARP is the tool you’ve been looking for; it will assist you in securing the internet in various ways. Compliments and objective comments about the application’s outstanding features are always received. Furthermore, the application wants you to fully utilize these features by establishing special connections between the internet and your device. Faster & Safer Internet


Nowadays, many people want to use the internet to steal important information, and they will use that information professionally. Understanding what users mean, the application has implemented several features to protect their internet privacy. Users will no longer have to worry about their information being stolen and can access the application to ensure work progress. Making it so that only you and your shares can see it, and it is difficult to crack this privacy password. Faster & Safer Internet


Using the application, you can select several different security modes for your device. Users can select the security mode by fingerprint or voice, which is fully met. Furthermore, to make it difficult for others to steal information, you can secure it with your face or add a new ID. Each type of security has a unique feature, and the most appropriate security type should be chosen based on the purpose.


The application will generate special links for you to use when connecting to websites. You can now access great websites and watch videos without worrying about network data. Strict security measures will also protect links between sites. More specifically, you can access international websites without entering an ID or any other form of identification. Faster & Safer Internet


Because the application has blocked bad news sources, ads and articles that appear while you visit websites will no longer appear. The information provided to you is correct, and any incorrect links will be removed. Furthermore, you can censor devices that want to connect to your internet. The application’s goal is to prevent and remove unauthorized requests.


Many special features in the application that are fully utilized constantly refresh the toolbar. Users will notice that the application’s new interface is constantly refreshed, and you can freely arrange the features on the toolbar. It provides you with new skins to refresh your device and keep others’ eyes off it. You should know that the search box always appears on the first page, and you can use this special search box to find out what features are available. Faster & Safer Internet


The app allows you to upgrade your device’s links to improve connectivity manually. Improving these links makes it more difficult for others to break them and increases their ability to solve problems. Simultaneously, the application will detect reliable network data sources to establish special connections. This discovery is always available; you can add those data sources to meet your specific requirements.

Download v6.22 MOD APK (Premium, Unlimited WARP+)

Download (20M)

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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