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If you are someone who regularly uses a smartphone to access the internet like me and always wants to find a fast, light, and battery-saving web browser. Luckily, XBrowser – Mini & Super Fast met all my needs perfectly. From the first time I used it, I was extremely impressed with XBrowser’s web browsing speed. Web pages download in a flash, even when the network connection is unstable. Thanks to that, I can comfortably surf the web, watch videos, and read newspapers without experiencing any lag or lag.


I can easily find and use the application’s features without any difficulty. Besides, its processing speed is also extremely impressive. I can open the application, perform editing operations, and save videos quickly without experiencing lag or freezing.

  • Small Size: In my opinion, this is a great application because it weighs only 1mb but it contains many convenient features and this will definitely be a particularly useful application for smartphone users with low or low configuration.
  • Fast Launch: As soon as I open the application, I can access the desired website in just a few seconds without feeling any delay.
  • Minimal Resources: Since using this application, my phone has operated significantly smoother and faster, allowing me to comfortably use applications and play games without worrying about lag or battery drain.


What I am most impressed with in the application is the ability to intelligently block ads. The application automatically updates the list of the latest ads, ensuring that you are always protected from harmful and annoying ads. In addition, this feature helps you save time and increase your internet access capacity. When there are no ads, the website loading speed becomes significantly faster, helping me save a lot of valuable time.

  • Built-in Blocking: I can also freely surf the web without being interrupted by unwanted content when enabling ad-blocking on this application, helping to completely block annoying ads.
  • Browsing Speed: Because I regularly use the internet, I am always concerned about browsing speed and privacy. Luckily, this app delivers on both with the ability to make web browsing faster, safer, and more comfortable.


As a person who loves neatness and efficiency, I am always looking for a task management application that can help me organize my work scientifically and optimize my time. So when I found this app, I really happy, this application perfectly met my needs with its unique tab management feature. Allows you to create task lists according to many different criteria such as date, project, importance level. Thanks to that, I can easily track work progress and focus on the most necessary tasks.

  • Tab Grouping: Even more impressive, this feature allows you to group related tabs together into separate groups, making it easy to track and access information quickly.
  • Tab Previews: I can preview the content of each tab right on the tab bar and quickly know which tab I need without having to waste time hovering over each tab thanks to this feature.


When using an application, I pay great attention to privacy and security, and this application meets that. Equipped with a system with many layers of security, this application ensures that user data is 100% absolutely safe. Another surprising thing is that the application also has an anonymous browsing mode, which helps access the internet without saving browsing history, cookies, or personal data, so you can safely use the application without worrying. Worry about being tracked or having your personal data stolen.

  • Encryption: When you use this feature, all your browsing data, including browsing history, cookies, passwords, and autofill forms, are securely encrypted.
  • History Clearing: Similar to the polite deletion feature on other web browser applications, the history deletion tool is also equipped on this application to help you easily delete access history as desired.
  • Malware Protection: Thanks to this feature, I feel more secure when accessing the internet by blocking malicious and fraudulent websites, avoiding the risk of personal information being stolen.


The application also surprised me more when it allowed users to optimally personalize the application interface making the usage experience unique and suitable to each person’s personal preferences. The biggest highlight of this feature is the variety of customization options. I can change the main color of the application, font, text size, and screen layout to create an interface that best suits my vision and usage habits.

  • Custom Themes: I can choose from many pre-designed interfaces or create my own interface by changing colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. Thanks to that, I can create a unique presentation space. Web browsing is both beautiful and comfortable to use.
  • Customizable Start Page: It’s great to have this feature because it allows you to arrange widgets to your liking, providing quick access to the most commonly used functions. I can add widgets like a clock, calendar, to-do list, and notes.

XBrowser v4.7.1 MOD APK (Optimized, No ADS) Download

Download (1 MB)

You are now ready to download XBrowser for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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