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Surely, all of us have seen the movie Toy Story, right? In movies, there are often segments where toy soldiers will gather together to form an army to attack something, making viewers very excited and I still remember when I was a child. Play a game like that. It’s like recreating that game World War Armies: Modern RTS has completely revived my childhood through its gameplay. Basically, players will have to come up with a thorough strategy for their raid and use the types of infantry they have to complete the attack.


The most basic game mode in this game is the one-on-one combat mode. To be more precise, here there will be two players divided into two different sides and each side will have to build their own military base to defend against opponents’ attacks. With this characteristic, it can be considered the most tactical game that people have ever known.

  • Experience Thrilling Battles: In addition to the one-on-one combat feature, players are also allowed to participate in the 2 vs 2 feature. Players often choose this feature when they want to play with their friends.
  • Navigate Diverse Terrain: It can be said that this game is also a small recreation of the World War I event that existed in history a long time ago and the point that highlights this the most is the game’s graphics.


Although it is about building an army in battle, the player can only actually create the soldiers that he or she owns. These soldiers will be in the form of cards when we operate on the collection feature in the game’s interface, and obviously, only the soldiers on the deck we own can be created for those soldiers in battle. This will sometimes affect the balance of the game because one faction will always have stronger soldiers than the other.

  • Build Your Army: There are many types of soldiers from infantry to air soldiers for players to collect and from there they can improve their strength in battles with other players.
  • Customize Your Forces: Besides, in these battles, players can also build base stations to help create additional vehicles to transport these infantry farther and faster.


The special thing about this game is that we are not limited to a certain area. Perhaps because the publishers wanted this war game to be more realistic, they actually let us meet and fight other players on a global scale. In this game, we will never know which country our opponent will be from, and to know that, the player can recognize it through the way they deploy their troops.

  • Global Playerbase: The interesting point of this game is that the game has acquired a fairly healthy community of players from many parts of the world.
  • Coordinate with Platoons: In this community, players can make friends or learn from other players’ tactical mistakes. However, most players here will pay for themselves a good teammate to participate in the 2vs2 battle.


However, sometimes strategy games will also lose their tactical nature when players overuse their playing style whenever they feel it is suitable for all situations. Because of this, the publishers have created many different maps so that each player’s battle will be a new match where the environmental characteristics never change.

  • Diverse Maps & Modes: With the maps constantly changing, players need to prepare themselves to be more creative and tactical for each level.
  • Army Progression: Besides, players should not focus too much on collecting soldiers, but they should also focus on upgrading the soldiers they already have.


Although this game somewhat reminds me of a simulation war game that I played very little, the difference is that the graphics of this game have been greatly improved. It can be seen that this game has paid a lot of attention to the graphics aspect of this game because all the details from the characters to the environment are drawn to resemble a real war. This sometimes makes players feel like they are actually in that battle.

  • Cinematic Visuals: I’m just a game with a top-down perspective, but with each attack, the player can always clearly feel the battle through bullet holes or smoke bombs thrown in a very real way.
  • Adapt Your Strategy: The condition for players to have a high win rate is that they must learn how to adapt to the environment and the tactics of each country.

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Download (533M)

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