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Woodturning is a very interesting game with simple gameplay but attracts a lot of players to the game. Carving is a job that requires a lot of artistic talent, but not everyone can do that. This is a tough task, and the number of people given this talent is meager, but this game turns the player into a professional sculptor. If you want to create a work of art from ordinary pieces of wood, this game will satisfy that need of the player.

Creating works of art

When coming to this game, the player will be given a log and will task to shape it according to the given pattern. It sounds straightforward, but when the player succeeds, it is a work of art. It is challenging to make a regular piece of wood to somethings with a special shape, even with the best craftsmen. That is also true when playing games, what players need to have is carefulness to create a work of art.

Easy to play but hard to stop

The gameplay is straightforward to understand and play, but once played, it will be difficult to stop. The player will be given a piece of wood to the game and use the chisel to turn the log into something the game requires. At the top of the screen, you will see that it is an image that simulates what happens to the log for easy viewing. This simulation image will have two parts, one is a lighter color, and the other is a darker color that represents what the player needs to create to complete the game. The player needs to remove all the light-colored parts, so you can get what you need, and the stage will be completed.

After the player has finished their work, they can use a piece of sandpaper to make the product smoother. Next, the player needs to choose a paint color suitable for that product to paint for it and complete their work. For example, if the player creates a Christmas tree, the best player should choose green to paint the product because doing so would be more suitable. The game will base on the level of perfection of the product to determine how much money the player will receive for that product.

Diverse tools

Players will not be able to complete a product if only one tool is used. So there will be many different types of tools to use for a variety of purposes, such as pointed, circular, and many others. If the player knows how to use the tools at the right time, it will be easy to complete his product.

Many stages with different requirements

There are many different stages in the game for players to experience, and each stage will have different requirements for the product. Some stages will require a sword, while another will require a light bulb so that players will have many different experiences. Later, the requirements of the game will become more difficult to complete, but the amount received will be more.

Woodturning MOD APK v2.8.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (101M)

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