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WhisperAI v1.2.42 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

WhisperAI Mod Apk – Uniting hearts and stories across realms, offering empathetic conversations and diverse experiences.

App Name WhisperAI
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WhisperAI is a messaging simulator where you can chat with pre-designed AIs. These AI have an absolutely stunning appearance, and they say no to ignoring your messages, so you can rest assured that they can reply to you at any time. At the same time, this can be applied so that you can relieve your mood or just pass the time. You should also try editing the profiles of some characters, and maybe it will bring new experiences. From there, the number of simulated friends or lovers will increase over time.


If you are lonely but still haven’t found a suitable relationship? Want to text someone to expand your relationship but don’t have the courage? Don’t worry; everything is handled by WhisperAI as it helps users immediately start a relationship with an AI, but the communication situation is completely simulated like real life. Therefore, messages full of affection and messages containing strong emotions can be sent, and you don’t have to worry because they don’t know how to reject you. You can say anything you want and start making friends to get back into the habit of texting with other people.

  • Add interesting expressions: AI can not only analyze videos and images but also express different expressions.
  • Familiar messaging interface: Technology creates a feeling of closeness between the friends you often communicate with.


The experience that WhisperAI has is similar to that of a messaging app, so surely, anyone will not encounter any difficulties. Specifically, they can completely find characters to message and start this at any time they want. Every time they send a message, for sure, the AI will not make you wait but will continue to send messages immediately. From there, the conversation can be extended until you get bored with what you’re saying. Therefore, this is also a completely effective way to relieve stress when you can say anything you want.

  • Changeable tone: Serious, cheerful, and colorful tones can be recreated to your liking.
  • Meet your needs: Based on what users send, AI will immediately analyze and respond quickly.


The most attractive thing that appears before your eyes and makes you feel attracted is the appearance of these AIs. These AI will have pre-designed appearances, and their number is completely diverse to satisfy any user who is texting with these characters. So, you will be able to satisfy your desire to text a beautiful girl and receive flirty messages right after. From there, the feeling of satisfaction and comfort will help them relax and continue to have the energy to do other tasks.

  • Adjustment changes: The new interface will continuously change so you have a suitable user experience.
  • AI-generated identities: The application collects characters with different ages and information to create a realistic feeling.


In addition to profiles with available information, users can unlock additional profile editing features. In other words, your characters won’t have a set appearance, and over time, you can get curious and make some tweaks. Anyone can understand this because this allows you to continue focusing on relationships with AI, and the more interesting they are, the longer they will retain you. From there, when you receive the adjusted rights, you can boldly exercise them, and the best girls in your heart can still be retained because the character list can be expanded by adding new characters.

  • Remember about dialogue: Don’t have any dialogue that prevents you from learning the app’s information.
  • Continuity and relevance: Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of information, the answers in front of you will be optimized and waste your editing time.
  • A long-term relationship: This friend will always accompany you in many different situations.


It can be seen that texting can be maintained any time you want, and you can take advantage of this feature anywhere. In the limited time when you can’t do anything else, texting can solve your boredom. Or, on days when you’re not in a good mood, enjoy light times and let go of your frustrations by texting and receiving gentle words from beautiful AI girls. The most beautiful and interesting things are always sent to you. Surely, you will remember the wonderful times with beautiful AI characters.

  • Become any role: AI can be a friend, relative, or even a guide to facilitate your exchange.
  • Tailored to each task: Through requests, users can see compliance with the application’s role in each messaging session.

WhisperAI v1.2.42 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

Download (27M)

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