Universal Truck Simulator

Universal Truck Simulator v1.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Purchases)

Universal Truck Simulator Mod APK: Immersive trucking experience with detailed customization, expansive maps, and next-gen simulation on mobile.

App Name Universal Truck Simulator
Size 411M
Latest Version 1.14.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free purchases
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  • Purchase Truck Cost 0
  • Unlimited Fuel

How to get Unlimited Money:
Toggle On Purchase truck Cost 0 before entering garage, purchase trucks, back to main menu , toggle OFF , back to garage menu and sell it , Repeat Operations.


  • Buy free coins in the store. 
  • Garage and maps are free to buy.

Universal Truck Simulator simulates a truck driving and trailer towing experience where players can show off their skills to complete various missions. Each mission corresponds to each trailer you own, and you won’t have a job if you can’t find a suitable vehicle. At the same time, diverse perspectives will make completing tasks easier as they can freely change to have the right one for each driving action. In addition, the money the player earns can unlock new cars and corresponding trailers, and it must be noted that the truck will correspond to a trailer.


Universal Truck Simulator shows the realism of truck driving in a completely vast environment. Players will be able to get their jobs and find the right car to carry out the assigned tasks. At the same time, the realism of the game is based on details about the physical characteristics of the elements on the game screen. In other words, your car can collide with environmental factors and receive immediate damage. You definitely don’t want your car to be damaged and have to spend money to repair it. Put that money to buy new cars and new trailers!

  • Detailed 3D Environments: Detailed 3D environments based on real-world locations with landmarks.
  • Long Distance Routes: Long-distance routes for an immersive driving experience.


In Universal Truck Simulator, the player will have nothing in hand but a certain amount of money at the beginning of the level. For this reason, players cannot receive any suitable missions, so you will be able to access the shop to rent the corresponding vehicle and trailer. Buying a new car is absolutely not suitable for you, but when you have a lot of money after a period of saving, it is definitely possible. In addition, each type of truck will correspond to its type of trailer so you will always see a notification line so you can buy appropriately. You can also upgrade your truck to make it more impressive in appearance and performance.

  • Truck Customization: Customize truck colors, accessories, lights, and more.
  • Unique Truck Designs: Design your own unique trucks.


As mentioned above, you will not find a job until you own a truck and a corresponding trailer. You will then be able to go into the office to select one of the suggested tasks and start working on it. The ticking symbols will tell you what you need to do, and you just need to get in the car and then make the connection to the car. The control method is quite diverse as you will be able to control the truck and its speed and change the gear lever for each operation. Therefore, it brings detail to the driving style and gives you a lifelike experience as it also incorporates sounds and environmental effects. In particular, the game also allows you to change the perspective to be able to connect with the trailer more appropriately.

  • Truck Handling Physics: Accurate truck handling physics.
  • Engine Sounds and Part Wear: Realistic engine sounds and truck part wear simulation.
  • Collision Damage: Collision damage affects the truck body.


The perspective of driving simulator games is always diverse and suitable for each different situation. Specifically, players can observe from a first-person or third-person perspective. The realistic first-person perspective makes you feel like you’re the one experiencing it. At the same time, the third perspective will cover the entire environment so you can drive precisely because each trailer you pull has a different size. Therefore, when going through narrow roads, you should go at a slow speed and change your perspective to pass it easily. As for connecting to the trailer, the game also allows you to use the rearview to make it easier for you.

  • Trailer Variety: There is a wide selection of trailer types, including box, flatbed, tanker, and more.
  • Cargo Hauling: Haul various cargo loads.


Over time, players can get used to new missions and can comfortably accept any mission. Each place they go to has different characteristics and they will spend a lot of time to be able to complete the level. Therefore, they will always feel motivated during the experience process and gradually accumulate an appropriate amount of money to buy new cars. In addition, the game can also help players interact with other players and sometimes accompany or compete with them. You will sometimes learn some experience to be able to drive through challenging terrain and share additional things needed to increase the gaming experience.

  • Compete with Players: Compete with other players’ trucks.
  • Share Truck Designs: Share truck designs and liveries.
  • Trucking Community: Interact with a community of trucking enthusiasts.

Universal Truck Simulator v1.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Purchases) Download

Download (411M)

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