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⭐ Ads:
Remove Ads ➠ Removes promoted posts in timeline and replies
Remove Google Ads ➠ Removes Google ads in timeline and replies
Hide Promoted Trends ➠ Removes Hide Promoted Trends in explore
Remove message prompts Banner ➠ Hide Buy premium section
Remove “Communities to join” Banner ➠ Removes “Communities to join” block in timeline
Remove “Creators to subscribe” Banner ➠ Removes “Creators to subscribe” block in timeline
Remove “Pinned posts by followers” Banner ➠ Removes “Pinned posts by followers” block in timeline
Remove “Revisit Bookmark” Banner ➠ Removes “Revisit your bookmark” block in timeline
Remove “Who to follow” Banner ➠ Removes “Who to follow” block in timeline
Remove Detailed posts ➠ Removes “Discover more” Banner in threads
Remove view count ➠ Removes the view count from the bottom of tweets

⭐ Premium:
Download patch ➠ Unlocks the ability to download videos and gifs
Enable app and nav icon settings ➠ Enable app icon and navbar customisation
Enable Reader Mode ➠ Enables \”Reader Mode\” on long threads
Enable Undo Posts ➠ Enables ability to undo posts before posting

⭐ Downloads:
Custom download folder ➠ Change the download directory for video downloads

⭐ Link:
Add ability to copy video media link ➠ Add ability to copy video media link
Clear tracking params ➠ Removes tracking parameters when sharing links
No shortened URL ➠ Get rid of short urls

⭐ Misc:
Custom sharing domain ➠ Change the domain to use when sharing tweets
Disable chirp font ➠ Disable chirp font (X’s default font) and use your phone’s default font
Dynamic color – Monet ➠ Dynamic color – Monet
Enable app downgrading ➠ Sets app version to a default value making installation of different versions possible
Enable debug menu for posts ➠ Enable debug menu for posts
Hide FAB ➠ Hides Floating Action Button
Hide FAB Menu Buttons ➠ Hides Floating Action Button menu buttons
Hide Recommended Users ➠ Hide recommended users that pops up when you follow someone
Hook feature flag ➠ Allows for adding custom feature flags
Hook for timeline entry ➠ Hook for timeline entry
Open browser chooser on opening links ➠ Open links with browser chooser instead of using the in-app browser
Round off numbers ➠ Enable or disable rounding off numbers
Selectable Text ➠ Makes bio and username selectable
Show sensitive media ➠ Permanantly hides the “Sensitive Media” warning
Adds settings ➠ Adds mod settings
Bring back twitter ➠ Bring back old twitter logo and name

⭐ Timeline:
Delete from database ➠ Delete entries from database(cache)
Disable auto timeline scroll on launch ➠ Disable auto timeline scroll on launch
Hide Banner ➠ Hide new post banner (Hide new posts pill)
Hide bookmark icon in timeline ➠ Hide bookmark icon in timeline
Hide Community Notes ➠ Hide Community Notes
Hide For You ➠ Hides For You tab from timeline
Hide immersive player ➠ Removes swipe up for more videos in video player
Hide hidden replies ➠ Hide hidden replies
Hide Live Threads ➠ Hide Live section in timeline
Hide promote button ➠ Hides promote button under self posts
Show poll results ➠ View poll results without voting

⭐ Customization:
Customize Inline action Bar items ➠ Customize Inline bar items to hide
Customize Navigation Bar items ➠ Customize Navigation bar items to hide
Customize profile tabs ➠ Customize Profile tabs to hide
Customize side bar items ➠ Customize Side bar items to hide
Customize timeline top bar ➠ Customize Timeline tabs

➠ Changelog:
– Features
● Twitter: Added Delete from database patch (d785660)
● Twitter: Added tab redirects hook (for Bookmark Navbar) (f01b418)

– Updates
● Improved the hooking of the recyclerview methods. also fixes the crash when opening feature flags. (25e5bc4)
● Enable Customize profile tabs patch by default (a8543bf)
● Enable Hide Live Threads patch by default (b9862b5)

– Bug Fixes
● Fix crash when opening feature flags (2b1484d)

– Refactors
● Twitter: Major string changes (f22fdf0)

➠ Patches:
✅ Add ability to copy media link applied
✅ Bring back twitter applied
✅ Clear tracking params applied
✅ Custom download folder applied
✅ Custom sharing domain applied
✅ Customize Inline action Bar items applied
✅ Customize Navigation Bar items applied
✅ Customize profile tabs applied
✅ Customize side bar items applied
✅ Customize timeline top bar applied
✅ Delete from database applied
✅ Disable auto timeline scroll on launch applied
✅ Disable chirp font applied
✅ Download patch applied
✅ Dynamic color applied
✅ Enable Reader Mode applied
✅ Enable Undo Posts applied
✅ Enable app downgrading applied
✅ Enable app icon settings applied
✅ Enable debug menu for posts applied
✅ Hide Banner applied
✅ Hide Community Notes applied
✅ Hide FAB applied
✅ Hide FAB Menu Buttons applied
✅ Hide Live Threads applied
✅ Hide Promoted Trends applied
✅ Hide Recommended Users applied
✅ Hide bookmark icon in timeline applied
✅ Hide hidden replies applied
✅ Hide immersive player applied
✅ Hide promote button applied
✅ Hook feature flag applied
✅ No shortened URL applied
✅ Open browser chooser on opening links applied
✅ Remove “Communities to join” Banner applied
✅ Remove “Creators to subscribe” Banner applied
✅ Remove “Pinned posts by followers” Banner applied
✅ Remove “Revisit Bookmark” Banner applied
✅ Remove “Who to follow” Banner applied
✅ Remove Ads applied
✅ Remove Detailed posts applied
✅ Remove Google Ads applied
✅ Remove message prompts Banner applied
✅ Remove view count applied
✅ Round off numbers applied
✅ Selectable Text applied
✅ Show poll results applied
✅ Show sensitive media applied

➡ Languages: Full Multi Languages
➡ CPU architectures: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64
➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

➠ credit crimera

X attracts many users with features that update information quickly and interestingly. Information appears in text form and as multimedia elements so that users can observe and express interest in it. In addition, these social network communities also bring closeness and love when users find people with common interests and discuss what they feel interested in. There will always be reasons to turn the app into the most developed social network where you can easily find and set up everything based on your preferences. In addition, the amount of information is carefully classified and convenient to search.


As one of the largest social networks today, X is an indispensable element for many people when it comes to helping them update hot information. With open and accessible information, more people can express their interest in it and see the perspectives of those around them. At the same time, this is also the environment where users can find diverse and attractive relationship networks. There will be countless content that you can find and spend time exploring without getting bored.

  • Connect to information anywhere: No matter where you are, you can access a multimedia information network.
  • Comment on certain content: Explore other users’ comments and learn more impressive comments.
  • Hot content today: Content about celebrities is always updated and makes you feel excited when you see idols.
  • Interaction between users: Create connections with users related to the content being discussed.


With the diversity of information, users can only be interested in certain fields. So, let X capture your wishes so you can make quick adjustments. The application also provides opportunities to discover the best news, which is always updated based on your interests and needs. Your job is just to scroll through your phone and choose a comfortable position to experience these fun things. In addition, different tabs offer unique content that can be changed with just a swipe.

  • Show only the content you want: Set standards for quality content and remove sensitive content.
  • Focus on an interest: Show established content related to your interests and hobbies.
  • Diverse content to synthesize information: Multi-dimensional information about a certain content that you cannot ignore.


Besides the news you can find, live videos are something you should not miss. Video can help make news more attractive and accessible to many people when it is a newly launched element. In addition, live streaming is no longer new when users can give their opinions on what is happening. These will be great interactive environments for many people, especially digital creators. Don’t forget to follow your favorite authors to know the latest posts through the application’s notifications.

  • Hot news is always updated: Find official information directly and vividly about current hot content.
  • Interact with your fans: Interact with your fans in several posts and maintain a strong relationship with them.
  • Important information is always at the top: Newsfeed is always updated with new posts so users can find it without difficulty.


A community on social networks: It becomes easy for you to follow the people you like. Of course, you won’t just be an observer but can participate in the conversations. From there, your community will grow based on what you and others are passionate about. There will be features so you can easily find authors you already follow. At the same time, you can find many things quickly on the author’s page when the application has the feature of classifying news based on tabs.

  • Share what you like: Share the content you want with your friends so that interesting comments can happen.
  • A community of shared interests: Create or join a community related to current hot content such as entertainment, movies, games, etc.
  • Content of high interest: Show each important or popular content in certain countries in the search bar.
  • Comment on the content you like: Show love to other users about the content you love.

X (Twitter) v10.46.1-release.0 MOD APK (Premium Features) Download

Download (85M)

You are now ready to download X (Twitter) for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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