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The TV industry has become an indispensable part of everyone’s daily lives, and its richness is almost endless. Every day, the TV will broadcast a new program to entertain viewers or bring useful information about a certain field. Managing all the programs is a difficult undertaking, but it successfully simulates it into a game. If you want to experience work as a TV station director, TV Empire Tycoon will be the game for you. All the jobs and workflows in a TV station will be reimagined in that game, and the player himself will build everything to stand on top of glory.

TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Game


Are you ready to build an empire? Then come to TV Empire Tycoon, where the management of TV shows will become exciting and competitive. The gameplay of the game combines many factors, like simulation, idle, tycoon, and more. These genres come together to create endless entertainment, and players can gradually upgrade or unlock new features while managing the empire. The impressive thing is that the player himself will have to be the one handcrafting everything, like the host program, hiring special characters, and doing many other jobs to make the empire stronger.


TV Empire Tycoon is a TV station management simulation game, so the building element will be focused on and give players the most entertainment. Its construction system and interface are detailed and impressive, and all the works are carefully categorized, giving players more interesting construction ideas. This game will break down familiar concepts in a TV station and add many new elements for players to explore. In particular, the building designs are an important factor, and they will come to players through many different designs or sizes. In the future, everything can change, and the player’s empire may expand endlessly.

TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Game


TV will broadcast many different shows every day to attract viewers, and their abundance is almost endless, accompanied by special characters to increase views significantly. TV Empire Tycoon will introduce a program system for players to decide which programs they will broadcast. Thus, the game will become more creative and entertaining when players can arrange broadcast schedules and generate income. The number of programs a player can host is almost limitless, but they are contractual and must be clearly scheduled. Therefore, the player must arrange everything, such as studios, equipment, and many other factors, if they want the empire to thrive.


All Tycoon games always come with endless upgrade systems, which allow players to develop everything they own. The player’s television station has many different elements and areas to develop, and through them, the player receives more revenue. Furthermore, players can expand their empire, unlock new shows, and hire more MC characters to improve views. Upgrading the system will make things better, and players can even rent new equipment for the shows, then organize everything to make the broadcasters efficiently increased.

TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Game


If players want to bring the studio more profit, they have to take the risk and create special programs to attract more investors or viewers. The rewards that those programs bring are great, and the player has to manage everything for the job to go smoothly manually. Furthermore, the player can manage multiple programs simultaneously and relax while the programs are playing if alternate managers are available. The game’s special program systems cannot be upgraded, and they only appear on special occasions and are also attractive opportunities for players.

TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Game


A player’s Empire will cover many different areas, making the player’s working range increase. Therefore, players will need controls and automated systems to generate income even when they are away. The MC management and hiring systems are diverse and plentiful, and they will evolve, giving players more options in operating television stations. Managers will help automate the programs and require no player control, while MCs will make the show stand out and attract more views. All of the elements in that system are beneficial to the player’s empire, and they can be independently upgraded for more benefits.

TV Empire Tycoon is a TV station management simulation game combined with other elements to give players a true experience. Besides, the game is creative and entertaining as players can manually operate many things in a television station. If you’ve always wanted to build and manage a popular TV station yourself, then this game will be a must-try experience.

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Download (130M)

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