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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is not difficult to grasp, and there are no plot twists or hidden stories to discover through gameplay. If you’re a good strategist, join this game, command an army, and rule the world. Show off your plans to become the sole ruler.


Players in this game can become the greatest king of all time. In fact, four kingdoms have arrived in a large region. They have their characteristics and safeguard their property. However, they all want to invade the other kingdoms and become the sole kingdom.

You can immerse yourself in one of the four right now and lead them to glory. You don’t have to rush to the battlefield, but your strategies are crucial. Players plan and direct the commanders, who will lead the army in the manner they desire.


I’m sure everyone has some knowledge of this type of game. Stormbound: Kingdom Wars uses the same mechanism to simulate a battlefield. You can use a 4×5 board to make the fight easier to watch. The board has 5 vertical boxes, so there is a collum in the middle. Players and opponents plan their units in two boxes and then meet in the middle of the line. However, the units are limited, and the blank boxes are plentiful. You try to plan ahead of time to invade your enemies’ space and place them in disadvantageous positions.

To begin, you will need to position some units on the board and figure out how to combine the power of those units to deal significant damage to the adversaries. Make every effort not to divert attention from the current state of the battle. The moment you accidentally go afk, your opponents will seize the opportunity to gain the upper hand.


This game is a card game in which players collect all their favorite cards and summon the characters to battle. You should be aware that the more combat a unit participates in, the higher its level. So, if you like a unit, simply select it for an upcoming battle, and it will level up and become stronger.

Furthermore, the units can be made more powerful through the use of items and gems. When you give them gems and gears, they will gain stats like atk, def, and move speed,…and the gears will help them attack in different ways.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars MOD APK v1.10.35.3628 (Unlimited Mana) Download

Download (129M)

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