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Are you looking for a game that is challenging enough to interest you immediately? So why not try Stack? That is a game designed to challenge the player’s timing ability. If you always thought that puzzle games were a big challenge for you, why not test another skill of yours?


The player whose goal will be to build an endless tower with the highest floor in one try. Points will calculate the height of the tower, and a point will correspond to a slab that the player placed. Placing slab on the tower is very simple, but the main problem is the timing ability of the player. Slabs will appear from two sides alternating, their speed is always the same, and there is no sign of increasing or decreasing so the player can rest assured about this part.

The original shape of the slabs will be square, but if the player cannot timing perfectly, the leftover parts of the slab will be cut off. The rest of the slab at the top of the tower will determine the shape of the next slab that will appear and make timing more difficult. Of course, if the player places the slab outside the tower, it will immediately end the game.

Slab appearing from two sides will make the difficulty of this game increase, and the only thing the player can do is trust their timing. If the player loses focus and continuously loses control, the area of ​​the tower becomes smaller after each failure. Making slabs appear on both sides will make the game more challenging than other similar games.

If the player timing perfectly and makes the area of ​​the two slabs equal, the combo chain will activate. The combo chain will end if the area of ​​the next slab shrinks. The combo sequence will multiply the player’s score for the duration, then reset if it fails.


The graphics of this game are very simple. All slabs will be designed in 3D for easy timing. Not only are their 3D designs simple, but their colors are also varied and will continuously change throughout the game. This game does not have the feature that allows players to change the color of the slab, so their colors will randomly change based on the height of the tower.


The player cannot change the colors of the slab, but their pattern may. Changing the pattern on each slab will make your tower more sparkling and more prominent. Of course, their colors will gradually change based on the height of the tower. There are many different types of patterns for players to unlock, need to finish certain conditions if player wants to unlock other types of patterns.


In honor of the world’s best timing talent players, their names will appear on the leaderboard. Based on the player’s score, the leaderboard will start dividing the players with the points in a specific group. In other words, the higher the player’s score, the higher the leaderboard’s position. Of course, the scores gained from building a tower will not add up and only take the player’s highest record.

Stack MOD APK v3.46 (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (32M)

You are now ready to download Stack for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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