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Book’s Parallel Translation is a translation application that helps you increase your vocabulary with complete ease. You can touch any word you want to learn more about its pronunciation and available sample sounds. In addition, the split screen during the translation process supports faster reading and efficient work when searching between two documents, which is perfectly synchronized. Applying the above features is suitable for many types of documents provided, from short to long, so do not hesitate to provide any content that you find difficult to read.


Book’s Parallel Translation has a completely basic function that helps users translate any content they desire with just a few simple steps. The interface is not too difficult to use as it is almost similar to the translation applications used today, so it does not cause too much difficulty. In other words, just by looking at the interface, you can immediately know what you are doing, and the translation process will be completed in a few short seconds. You can also interact with the words used inside the translated document and the translated document to improve your language skills.

  • Supported by translation tools: Famous platforms today will link to the application to facilitate foreign language learning.
  • One single app: Since everything is integrated, there’s no need to switch apps and create a tiring experience.
  • Extremely diverse languages: Besides English, you can receive complete information more quickly.


Some translation applications sometimes read the full text, and you are forced to retype it on other platforms to understand the pronunciation better. So, to solve this inconvenience for you, Book’s Parallel Translation provides interaction with keywords appearing from the source source to the successfully translated document. You just need to touch a word, and its international pronunciation will be quickly attached and accompanied by a pronunciation button. Therefore, for new words, this is a way to help users quickly note down vocabulary and use them next time. Reading a new word will help them feel satisfied and accomplished in their learning.

  • Unique works: Books are translated into many different languages ​​and help you improve your foreign language based on your mother tongue.
  • Understand the context easily: Based on the accurate translations, you can know every development of the story.
  • Easy to search: Words that make a strong impression on you can appear with just a few simple touches.


Besides the international transliteration provided, you should not ignore the meanings that you can get. Specifically, these meanings will be compiled and only sent to you with the meaning that best fits the context so you can use it later in speaking or writing situations. This provision is guaranteed to have certain accuracy because it is compiled and evaluated from the most reputable translation tools today. From there, all operations will be accelerated, such as reading documents effectively or reading books, which will also become completely convenient and easy to understand because words have been refined to a certain level.

  • Learn about pronunciation: As long as you are curious about a word, you can touch it to have the system recognize and pronounce it immediately.
  • Listening and repetition skills: Users should not memorize it by memory, but they should try reading along to gradually get used to the standard.
  • Recognize sounds easily: Once you reach a certain level, you will not be deaf while communicating in a foreign language.


The book can be completely split into two, and no one function is redundant. Splitting the screen will often help users read the source file and translation file easily without having to swipe the screen many times and feel uncomfortable because of too much information density. In particular, you can also identify information in both languages with just one touch, and it helps you know what content needs to be paid attention to if it is important information. It can be seen that depending on the length of the information, you can take advantage of it or not.

  • Compatible with many types of formats: From PDF to Epub files, users can open and read more easily.
  • No conversion required: You don’t need to waste time using a third-party application because all files can operate stably on the application.


You manually provide the available content. The application can support many types of documents today, so you can feel secure at any time. In particular, huge amounts of information help users read a book easily. Therefore, you can go from chapter to chapter without too much difficulty in the reading process. With just a single device, you can read foreign language books that you previously found uncomfortable with complete ease anywhere.

  • Read free works: From articles to books, users can improve their foreign language skills.
  • Suitable for level: Collections are arranged from classics to modern to suit your learning ability.
  • New resources: Over time, hot works will quickly appear in users’ libraries.

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Download (19M)

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