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Slime Village v0.8.0 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Speed)

Welcome to Slime Village MOD APK – Dive into a slimetastic hero production extravaganza, conquer bosses, and create an unstoppable slime army!

App Name Slime Village
Size 90M
Latest Version 0.8.0
MOD Info Menu, Money, Speed
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  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins (buy in shop)
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Soul Stars
  • Game Speed
  • No Ads

If you are a player who is passionate about fighting but has a naive and funny soul, the game Slime Village is the right choice for you. The game is a magical kingdom with colorful slime characters. At first glance, they are very cute and funny, but they are majestic heroes with top fighting power. Enter the game and build your own awesome hero character. Your mission is to confront the bosses, fight tenaciously and strongly, win, and become the true boss.


Players will choose and create their own hero character. Here, you can unleash your creativity and build characters according to your preferences, with a variety of shapes and sizes. You can build a whole army of powerful heroes. The commander of that army is you. Send your heroes on epic hunts and battles. Produce many heroes and build a strong empire to defend against attack. Try to grow and scale your organization to reach unimaginable heights.

  • Hero Variety: The game will have countless hero images, helping players unleash their creativity and build characters in their own way. Players can create all kinds of heroes, from knight characters to witch characters, or maybe archers, ninjas, etc. Be creative and build lots of characters to make your army truly unique.
  • Army Scaling: Not only building characters, players also have the task of expanding the scale of factories. The larger the factory scale, the greater the opportunity to increase the production of slime heroes, gathering into a giant army with a large number, diversity, and peak fighting power to destroy the enemy and protect the factory.
  • Customization: The in-game design allows users to customize each of their superheroes through aspects such as skills, equipment, color, and size,… Customizing each superhero object is sure to help that hero fit each mission and combat strategy, bringing high efficiency in the game. Players will experience the feeling of creating their own character, stimulating curiosity and discovery.


During the game, in addition to fighting and protecting the farm, players need to do tasks such as collecting items, upgrading equipment, and upgrading their skills to increase their strength. Each time you upgrade, your army will be stronger, your fighting ability will be higher, and your command will also improve. Strong for your army of slime heroes. Help confront all the strongest enemies. Fight and become the strongest hero and protect your city.

  • Questing: You will become a true leader, directly commanding your army of slime heroes on missions. The army’s mission is to fight the enemy to protect the peace of the farm. Besides, the army also has the function of collecting resources to help you upgrade your level. Use your strategic skills to command your army in the most effective way.
  • Progression: there are many ways to upgrade your level and increase your strength. The slime hero army needs to upgrade equipment and combat skills, participate in battles, and earn a lot of gold to upgrade and increase the strength of the heroes in the army. Gold is the item that helps you upgrade the fastest, so try to collect a lot of it.
  • Combat: you will be the leader and command your army of heroes to confront the enemy. Your enemies and teammates are the bosses in combat. There will be many different matches, take advantage and use your heroes appropriately and effectively to bring victory to all teammates. This is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your peak command ability.


Remember, your mission is not only to fight and protect the farm but also to upgrade your army and speed. The higher the level, the stronger the fighting ability and the more terrifying the opponent will be. But don’t worry too much because you are a great leader. Try to use resources and upgrade the game as quickly as possible; you will discover new things at higher levels.

  • Hero Growth: Your farm will always be lurking with dangers. Protect your farm well against those dangers. So always improve your heroes. Upgrade equipment, optimize factories, and improve combat skills. Your level will increase without limitation.
  • Gear Enhancement: Try to improve the quantity and quality of your army. Slime heroes will be equipped with top-notch weapons and combat skills, helping to prevent outside attacks and protect the farm.
  • Prestige: players will have an extremely engaging experience when they have the ability to reset and increase the power of their army. As you upgrade your character and level, your army will become stronger, fight better, and receive greater rewards. Thanks to that, you will become a great leader.


The game is not only a fight between slime heroes, but it is also a place for players to show off their high-level command abilities. Players use heroes to fight and upgrade their army to become stronger and stronger, making the player feel like a real leader. This gives players an interesting and engaging experience right from the first time they play.

  • Production Management: Is a leader with top tactics. Players need to know how to balance the production of heroes to upgrade their army with the management and preservation of their resources. Try to create as many new heroes as possible, but don’t forget to protect existing products.
  • Optimization: players need to maximize the advantages in the game. Upgrade and optimize the factory as well as production jams to increase output. The larger the number of troops, the higher their fighting ability and the easier it is to win.
  • Empire Building: Don’t forget that you are a leader. Master the game and build your farm systematically. Command your army wisely, bring high combat efficiency and protect your farm and city.


The world in the game is full of new things, you are the one who builds and creates that world. The world has a farm full of heroes with a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. That world will be constantly transformed and developed. Use your imagination to build a farm with the most unique slime heroes, command an excellent army and become the ultimate leader.

  • Customization: Players can design their farms, turning their cities into unique kingdoms. Set up an eye-catching interface system with graphics, decorations, etc. Bring your own nature.
  • Exploration: When upgrading the game, in addition to improving the fighting abilities of the heroes, the player’s farm will also be upgraded. Fight and unlock new environments, new locations, and new cities to expand the scope of your command. This will bring you an extremely interesting experience.
  • World Building: With all your efforts and creativity. You will create a world with unique slime heroes, high combat abilities, and funny shapes and colors. Together with your leadership talent, this will be the perfect world to help you develop your army.

Slime Village v0.8.0 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Speed) Download

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