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Silkroad Truck Simulator 2022 will give you the most authentic experience of becoming a real truck driver with extensive access to hundreds of features for the ultimate feeling. The game also uses an advanced 3D graphics engine to make everything immersive, like driving, interacting with NPCs, and roaming the city in high-performance trucks.

The job of a truck driver is varied; they will do everything to deliver the items to the specified location in the fastest time with epic truck rigs. The game captures everything about this industry and encapsulates it into a game that allows you to become a professional driver with many impressive achievements. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel across continents with your favorite truck and complete loads of unique contracts for extra cost to upgrade your career or access new truck rigs. In addition, the simulation element is brought to the next level, and the game will feature many outstanding activities for you to enjoy while being accompanied by trusted NPCs. Suppose you want to experience the work of a professional truck driver. In that case, this game will be a worthwhile experience and open up new possibilities for you to enjoy all the quintessence inside it.

Silkroad Truck Simulator 2022


Your greatest chance is to explore a vast open world through various activities scattered throughout the locations, enabling you to feel the diversity of the terrain. Each region also applies a variety of cultural and stylistic features, including mission systems or truck rigs, to make your exploration more diverse. The game will continuously expand more surprises and content based on your progress and promise to bring more to explore and make all your time worthwhile.


The game’s graphics quality is perfect, with optimization in the smallest details and stability in performance, so you feel everything to the fullest. The environment’s design is also on point, makes the gameplay immersion more perfect, and makes all your interactions with the environment come to life. It doesn’t stop there; the visual effects and colors of everything are vibrant, creating a lively atmosphere as you drive through the big cities and admire the beauty all around.

Silkroad Truck Simulator 2022


The element of driving simulation is strongly emphasized when you combine multiple mechanisms, such as pedals or gearboxes, uniformly to operate the rig smoothly. The same applies to many different terrains, and the trailer’s weight will affect the driving experience realistically. Many traffic laws are also included, so you need to signal the vehicle or use the truck’s built-in features to drive safely and avoid receiving tickets from the police or the company.


Contracts are your main source of revenue throughout your career, and their content is varied with different bonuses for you to complete. It also affects the difficulty of the contract, such as distance, terrain, cargo type, and trailer weight, factors that will cause the reward value to change. Moreover, the content of the contracts will change based on the region you are driving, and their variety always makes the gameplay experience change significantly instead of repeating the same contracts.

Silkroad Truck Simulator 2022


The game will have many different camera views for you to drive safely, and it helps you observe the vehicle’s surroundings more neatly and accurately. The first-person perspective is the most impressive and unique as it lets you see the entire driving cockpit and completely change the control mechanism. You can also adjust the distance of each view for safer driving, and the view from the cockpit ensures you have the absolute realism of being a real driver and completing your trips.

Silkroad Truck Simulator 2022


The variety of trucks is also a prominent factor, and the game will feature a variety of trucks from famous manufacturers, some of them even with the style of USA Truck or Euro Truck. Each truck has its distinctive performance, including maximum payload and a unique appearance customization system for your design delight. The game will reward many special trucks for valuable achievement categories, and you will have many options to diversify your garage with various expensive trucks or more.


Driving partners are special NPCs that can help you complete long journeys or help you unload goods exactly as locations require. NPCs are also fun chat buddies, making your interaction with the environment more lively instead of driving alone drearily. NPCs also have additional effects, and they help improve your driving performance to the next level to make the journey more interesting when passing through many large cities.

Silkroad Truck Simulator 2022


The multiplayer lobbies are new upcoming features that ensure absolute driving experiences with friends or strangers. The lobbies also feature different worlds and scenarios, making countless custom contracts for you and your partners complete within the allotted time. Best of all, players can open up new private companies and invite friends to build a thriving truck driver company ready to take on large-scale contracts worldwide.

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