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Scripts: Episode & Choices is a collection of stories that exist independently of each other, and you can travel through each world to experience the fun it has to offer. Each world in the story belongs to a genre and possesses its own characteristics, such as climactic, scary, or troublesome. At the same time, each character is beautifully drawn, and when combined with interesting storylines, it will be an absolutely amazing combination that attracts players. In addition, there are many situations you encounter in movies that will appear before your eyes and force you to solve them in a completely reasonable way.


Scripts: Episode & Choices brings players to a library full of different stories, and you will spend time feeling the fun it brings. Each story is delivered in a completely entertaining way, drawing you into every detail that appears. In other words, you will not need to read too much information, but elements related to the story will be continuously conveyed to you in the most attractive way. Until, at some point, you will realize that you can no longer resist this attraction and get caught up in the pace of the story. Gradually, you will encounter this experience again from story to story because each story is a completely new world.

  • A large amount of resources: You will spend a lot of time if you want to read all the stories inside the game.
  • The plot is full of attraction: Even if you are too lazy to read books, you will definitely like what is conveyed through this game.


As mentioned above, players can find a collection of different stories belonging to several popular genres today. You can find yourself in a fantasy world that contains many different magical things along with extremely mysterious entities. In particular, for those who love strength and want to feel an emotional climax, horror or adventure stories are the most suitable genre because everything is reproduced through the words you read. In other words, you will face these elements directly through beautifully designed illustrations, and sometimes, some characters even belong to your aesthetic taste.

  • Change your character’s appearance: You can create an avatar and direct it to the life you want.
  • Correct choice: Depending on the decisions in each event, the plot will continuously improve over time.
  • Get attracted easily: Information is conveyed in an artistic way that makes you unable to take your eyes off it.


Experiencing the storyline is not the only experience you can find in Scripts: Episode & Choices because you also have to solve problems that arise. Each episode in the story has unexpected events that occur, and when they do, you are forced to make your own choices based on what has been given. In particular, each choice has certain optimizations, and you can recognize this optimization when you connect each episode you have experienced. But sometimes, some things can make you regret because they can’t go your way, but you still have to make choices so the story can end in the most peaceful way.

  • Join the community: A place that gathers like-minded people is a great place for you.
  • Excited when there is a new chapter: Through some information, you will know when the next content will be published.


The highlight that makes a story-focused game like Scripts: Episode & Choices so impressive in the eyes of players is the attraction of the characters. Besides the well-written plot, the characters absolutely have certain beauties. Beautiful because of their face design or even the outfits they wear in each episode. Therefore, finding a character you love is not difficult at all, and not only that, what’s better than being able to become a couple with these charming characters? There will certainly be many relationships that you can develop based on the choices you have.

  • Supports many genres: You should choose a plot type that suits you based on different suggestions.
  • Living a different world: Since some events may be inspired by real life, you will feel like you are enjoying a new life.
  • Diverse style: Each author has his or her own perspective, so it’s completely understandable for you to find a new way of writing.


Because the number of characters is completely diverse and the story genre is also interesting, some of the plots you have seen on television also come true. These situations will rarely be unrelated to you, and you may even have to find a way to resolve this problem peacefully. For example, a love triangle is always a difficult problem for you and the character you like when another character enters the relationship. Making things happen in the best possible way is always the player’s wish, and what you don’t achieve can be redone if you want to experience the story again.

  • Free stories: You can experience a large number of chapters updated daily.
  • Support writers: There are many ways you can encourage creators to continuously produce new products.
  • Suitable for many people: You do not need to pay anything to access the game’s resources.

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Download (112M)

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