SCP Containment Breach Mobile

SCP Containment Breach Mobile v1.2.2 MOD APK (Unlocked)

The first-person indie survival horror game SCP – Containment Breach Mod APK is played from the first-person perspective. It is based on the wiki that the SCP Foundation maintains.

App Name SCP Containment Breach Mobile
Size 202M
Latest Version 1.2.2
MOD Info Unlocked
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SCP Containment Breach Mobile features unique horror survival gameplay with extensive content and long playtime for you to feel tremendous fun or fear. This mobile conversion from its PC originals is fully decked out with beautiful graphics and fluid controls for exciting gameplay progression.


SCP Containment Breach Mobile

The game was originally based on the most extensive and bustling fan-fic community upon SCP foundation or known as Secure – Contain – Protect. It’s where the most hideous and out-of-common-sense beings or phenomenons are captured, studied, and keep hidden from the rest of the world. Yet, everything has its time, and various elements have breached the place and made everything run rampant and turn into a living hell on earth, where you will escape with your intelligence.


SCP Containment Breach Mobile

The game doesn’t have specific objectives for you; everything is clueless, so you must progress with every path to find the new objective. Your mission is to escape the foundation, yet the exits are scattered and protected by layers of weird phenomena. By learning by reading the pieces of information and interacting with the map, new objectives will link together and create a path for you. And by all means, escape with everything you have while avoiding the hellish places.


SCP Containment Breach Mobile

Most of the phenomena or creatures in the complex are named after SCP codes, and their information is scatted throughout the complex. All information is precious, as it shows you the SCP’s behavior, actions, and weakness for you to take advantage of. Some SCP is classified for random encounters or makes you lose your mind’s unconscious. Those features are crucial for your progress as every SCP has its development differently to create an in-depth gameplay experience.


As you progress with the game, some items are needed to unlock some mechanics or doors to gain access to new areas. However, your inventory is limited, so item management is mandatory for you to complete every achievement smoothly. Some unique items have immense effects on certain SCPs, helping you navigate the map easier. However, the deeper the complex you go, the more items are needed, and combinations are the only way to go through a special SCP.


SCP Containment Breach Mobile

The game’s graphics are outstanding, with well-optimized features and controls to ensure the best gameplay experience. The best element is the atmosphere, with intoxicating designs and ambiance to increase the horror as you go to certain places. Additionally, the SCPs are well-designed with high-quality textures and model animations to deliver the most authentic experiences when you undergo dangerous situations.


Besides the fascinating world settings and the SCPs development, the game feature an irreplaceable feature called eye blinking. It may seem unnecessary, yet it is helpful and increase the game’s excitement toward certain SCPs. The characters will eventually blink in a moment, but you can activate blink rapidly to counter some SCPs’ chase. In some crucial moments, keeping eye contact will be your best bet, and maintaining it is a unique feeling you never felt in other horror games.

SCP Containment Breach Mobile v1.2.2 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

Download (202M)

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