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Join soccer tournaments with your team. Score! Hero can help you improve your soccer talent. The game puts you in the role of a soccer player fighting many other players. Join the games and enjoy the thrill of victory by creating shots that knock down the opponent’s keeper. Score! Hero players can now realize their ambitions of becoming a pro. Help each other to score more goals and beat the opponent. Those who are passionate about football and want to show their ability should be addressed. Make every attempt to dominate the scoreboard. Create a vibrant atmosphere and launch exciting new competitions.

Score! Hero Score! Hero


Sports are popular in the video game culture and often offer players compelling options. For fans of the beautiful game, Score! Hero is a great choice. To start, play some matches against really good opponents. Players can hold the ball and launch a counterattack toward the opponent’s goal. Cooperate to eliminate the game’s enemies quickly. Make your competitors jealous by giving your best. Show off remarkable players and show everyone how it’s done—a game with beautiful graphics with many playable game options. Show off your outstanding play on the field with Score! Hero.


Becoming a top player and doing great things is now an attainable goal. In Score! Hero players can make and score as many goals as imaginable. Make precise passes to teammates’ feet. Do whatever it takes to win titles and make a name for yourself in no time. In addition to the various challenges, there are additional levels of play with unexpected twists and turns. Take on competitors and try to knock them out of the competition. Create a level playing field where players from all over the world can compete. Do you want to become a professional soccer player someday? Get the highest score possible without moving a finger; Heroes will do everything for you. Participate in all competitions and get the most points. Try Score! Hero, and you will become a football expert in no time.

Score! Hero Score! Hero


The players participating in the matches are the heroes of the field, and they can hold their own against strong opponents. During the game, the player and outfit colors can be modified. Form a professional team from players with outstanding abilities. The hero’s appearance can be changed quickly and easily. Find all your talented offensive players. The new group image is based on the individual’s distinctive outfits. Make your favorite players stand out by customizing their skins. There are several possibilities in terms of shoes, clothes, and hairstyles. Encourage everyone to stand out and leave their mark on the field.


Make a name for yourself in the world of football. That’s what Score! Hero the player will receive. Perform professional and fast on-field processes to assist your team in maintaining possession of the ball. Improve your blocking and team play to create scoring opportunities. Take control of each player on the field, and execute incredible long shots. Always put the opposing team’s goalkeeper in danger. Stop in time to prevent the enemy from retaliating. Accumulate countless medals and trophies, making your opponents jealous. Dedicated to the fight, the contest, and the development of many difficult images. On the field, our players will undergo arduous training to win. Learning the skills needed to play good football today is relatively easy. Strive to be known as someone who can create miracles despite difficulties.

Score! Hero


You can play hundreds of difficulty levels in the Score game! Hero. Each stage will introduce additional challenges and requirements. A high score is required to pass the levels of the game. To score many goals, a player must keep an eye on his player continuously on the field. Begin; It’s easy to get through the first few rounds. However, you have to compete at higher levels to get access to other prizes. As you progress through the stages, you will face increasingly difficult obstacles and opponents. The game will give players more than 800 levels to participate in. Get through the easy stages of the game quickly so you can get to the more difficult ones. Players can enhance their soccer talents and compete in tournaments by starting with Score! Hero.

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Download (96M)

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