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A trend was hot not long ago, becoming one of the longest-lasting trends on the internet. Imagine what it would be like if you became a famous actor and starred in a Hollywood movie. Do you play Superman with eye-catching action scenes? Or become Mr.Bean, making people laugh out loud. Either way, Reface will satisfy you. You can now do some cool games online right on your smartphone.


AI technology is cool now; it turns you into a different person. Click a few times, and the user will become a different person. For girls who like to watch Korean movies, they can become the female protagonist and get close to the super handsome male lead. AI mapping will make the character’s facial movements more natural. Even the smallest emotional details, like slightly raised lips or slightly frowned upon eyebrows, are fine. Sometimes, when I bring this video out to tease my friends, they immediately believe it.

Seamless AI Mapping: Reface uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and neural networks to map faces and swap them convincingly and realistically seamlessly.

Lifelike Results: The advanced technology analyzes facial features, expressions, lighting, angles, and more to create face swaps that look incredibly natural, not just cut and pasted.

Hilarious & Realistic: The results of the face swaps are hilarious and look so realistic you’ll do a double take. This is far beyond basic face-swapping.

Iconic Face Swaps: Thanks to AI face mapping, you can see yourself swapped into iconic scenes from movies, artworks, memes, and more in a remarkably lifelike way.


The app’s library is incredibly large, and the video content is endless. It’s okay to be whoever you want in any famous movie. Maybe you could replace Chris as Thor, or Emma could play Hermione. Furthermore, the app updates new content every day. The app’s content department is also very agile. Whenever there is a new trend, it is right here for users to follow immediately.

Endless Possibilities: Reface gives you access to a massive library of videos, GIFs, images, and more to put your face into.

Fresh Content Daily: New funny and interesting content is added daily, so you’ll always have fresh, unique ideas for face swaps.

Pop Culture Swaps: Become part of iconic pop culture moments and classic art by swapping your face onto historical figures, movie characters, cartoons, and anything else you can imagine.


In addition to creating videos combining your face with others, it has many different user filters. If you want to be yourself but want to see what it was like in the Middle Ages. This app can also be made upon request. Strange requests like this also attract many different people who want to experiment. You can also change your hair color and hairstyle and distort some parts of the face. In general, there are all kinds of funny tools. Outbursts of laughter are the top criteria.

Hilarious Filters: Reface has hilarious real-time face filters powered by AI that transform your look in funny ways.

Innovative Effects: Filters allow you to gender swap, change your hairstyle and color, apply silly accessories and makeup, and more.

Constantly Updated: New innovative filters are constantly being added, so you’ll get to warp your appearance in new ways every time.


The interface is also quite user-friendly. If you don’t want to learn, you only need to know 1 or 2 operations on the screen. The image creation speed is also fast because this app incorporates AI. You don’t need to spend too much time creating a unique and humorous work. It’s also easy to convert your work into various formats, such as video, gif, image, etc., for a hilarious face swap.

Simple Process: Reface makes swapping faces incredibly simple with its user-friendly interface.

Quick Start: To get started, just snap a selfie or upload a photo – the advanced AI tech does the rest of the work.

Fast Results: Within seconds, your face is mapped onto a video, gif, image, etc, for a hilarious face swap.

User-Friendly: Even if you have zero editing experience, the Reface app is intuitive and easy to use immediately.


After using the app, you will know many funny people like that. They create funny images and share them on the Reface community. You can even invite your friends to play this app to exchange faces. These franks will be very interesting and connect users more.

Engaged Users: Reface has a large, vibrant community of engaged users who interact by posting their swap creations.

Collaborative Swaps: You can swap faces with friends and collaborate to make funny videos.

Share Creations: Share your face swap videos, memes, and gifs, and then react to and engage with other users’ hilarious posts.

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Download (44M)

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