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Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter is a game that protects the galaxy amid thousands of invasions from many forces around it. Dangerous threats are always lurking around, so players participating in this game need to be smart and know how to come up with the richest strategies. The game will bring players a lot of interesting things with hundreds of different matches. Please join the game to experience it!


Coming to the game, you have to face many difficult challenges. To solve them, you need to have a strong will and great strength, combined with different new weapons to conquer them easily. Besides, the enemy is always lurking around and always finding loopholes to destroy you, so you need to defend yourself anytime, anywhere, taking the safest vigilance measures.

  • Laser Upgrade: To be able to destroy all enemies most powerfully and quickly, you should upgrade your weapons to become modern, advanced and have more functions.
  • Shield Booster: Your strength is extremely important, and it is the most necessary factor before you go to the battlefield. Recharge your energy and improve your health so you can confidently face all challenges and enemies.
  • Variety Pack: With many smart and sharp strategies, combined with enthusiastic support from your teammates, fight and become a brave and courageous hero of this galaxy!


Players will enjoy exploring and admiring very realistic graphics and extremely beautiful scenery appearing along with the planets around them. It can be said that the graphic designer of this game was extremely enthusiastic and created an extremely beautiful game screen, giving players the feeling of going to the sky and watching the surrounding stars with their friends. Cute little planets appear in this galaxy.

  • Space Scenery: The model in the middle of the galaxy is extremely gorgeous and vivid. Players will be immersed in a magical and beautiful space.
  • Smooth Animation: All activities occurring in the middle of combat are shown extremely smoothly and skillfully, creating great appeal for all players. In addition, this weapon often has sudden explosions, causing many people to be destroyed.
  • Ship Details: Here, you will discover new and unique spaceships. Besides, you can also see the scenery full of stars and planets around you.


Every day, there will be different challenges, and in each challenge, there will be many lessons that you will learn. From there, you will no longer be surprised by the battles that follow. Through the stages, you will receive many interesting gifts, gain more points, and be promoted to higher levels.

  • One Finger Control: You have the right to play in your own style, the game is used through hand touch. Choose for yourself the most interesting battle to join and experience with your friends.
  • Fast Action: The appearance and actions of each character are extremely agile and continuous, defending around you to protect this planet. Don’t be too subjective because bad guys are always by your side, trying to destroy you.
  • Tough Levels: The game offers players many different levels, and each level will have unique new challenges. The game will test your reflexes through different combat levels.
  • Nostalgia: Players will remember old images and re-imagine their own past in a quiet way. Take advantage of the smartest opportunities to become a talented hero, protecting the safety of the entire planet.


Play this game with all your teammates to support and increase your strength, helping the main character become a hero in this game. You should build yourself a heroic character with a courageous spirit, compassion and always ready to fight to protect your teammates and country. Equip them with the most modern armor, as well as new weapons to help them enter the battlefield with the most confidence and health.

  • 1v1 Duels: You can fight 1:1 with any friend or family member to challenge who is stronger.
  • Scoreboard: The order of the scoreboard will be updated every day; play your best and show off your fighting ability to everyone.
  • Social Play: Here, you will compete with many opponents and face hundreds of upcoming and upcoming battles.


Events are updated every week, giving players a week full of games and exciting rewards. Each event is extremely carefully organized and creates many different mini-games for players to try their hand at. That’s why you should actively participate in the game to have the opportunity to become the luckiest person and receive the most luxurious ships and modern equipment at this time.

  • New Content: Each character’s ships and equipment will be upgraded and added every day. You will be provided with many new ships and important equipment, helping players decisively shoot to destroy their opponents.
  • Limited Events: Events will be held continuously at the Game, calling for the participation of many different characters from everywhere. Moreover, after completing the game, you will receive great rewards.
  • Fresh Gameplay: You have created a new strategy and plan for yourself. The new content is enjoyed and excited by many people.
  • Player Incentives: Invite more friends or any family members to play together, encourage each other, and motivate and support each other in everything.

Raiden Fighter v2.361 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode, Energy) Download

Download (150M)

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