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NotiGuy provides an easier and more comfortable experience when you interact with notifications. This feature is modeled after the existing feature on iOS devices, and you will find it quick and convenient to do everything on the screen. At the same time, notification characteristics such as color and size can be completely adjusted to make it as convenient for the user as possible. The annoying feeling of reading notifications will gradually disappear and will be replaced by quickly processing and marking notifications that you have read instead of having to hoard them.


NotiGuy is an app that adjusts elements related to the notifications you are using every day, and this app appeared around the time the dynamic island became famous. So, if you are enjoying the iOS features related to notifications, the application can also completely imitate and bring completely similar experiences to you. The notifications after applying the adjustments will immediately take on a different outfit than before, and when you see it, new feelings will appear more and more instead of boredom.

  • LED-based notifications: Sending important information in many ways creates innovation in smartphone usage.
  • Quickly grasp information: Everything is summarized on the device’s system, and you can recognize it in seconds.
  • According to your wishes: Depending on the characteristics of the notification, you can access the application or delete it if necessary.


The first feature that NotiGuy offers is customization, which allows you to completely redesign the properties related to the notifications you receive. These are not dry announcements but colorful backgrounds that bring a gentle and completely impressive feeling. In particular, throughout the experience, users can completely freely adjust the appearance size of these notifications. They can be notification frames of normal size or just rectangles with a width of less than 1cm. So, depending on your experience, adjustments will be made, and you will try to see what works best for you to keep it as the default setting.

  • Battery information is easy to use: It always appears on the screen and around the camera position for convenient viewing.
  • Receive notifications quickly: From the battery situation in use, it is obvious that you know the current power source.
  • No need for many operations: You will eliminate the redundant movements that you often performed before.


Not only does NotiGuy stop at adjusting color and size, but it also allows you to choose the location of these notifications. If you’re using a low-volume notification format, it makes sense to put it in different locations. Being next to the camera is usually the default position, but you change from the bottom to the right side. Each location has a different experience, as users don’t want to click on a notification while watching a movie.

  • Make adjustments: Based on the operations, the sequences of actions performed will vary.
  • Quick access: Screenshots, apps, or systems are all ready for you to use easily and without wasting time.


Incoming notifications often contain certain content; from there, you can only perform operations like accessing the application. But now things are different; notifications that appear on the screen can be controlled, and you have the right to choose activities from the application’s suggestions. For example, if a message is sent to you, you can reply to it on the home screen itself or swipe it away. For email, you can finish reading the notification and mark it as read instead of accumulating a bunch of unread emails.

  • Compatible with fingerprint: Some features can come with and recognize the user’s biometric information well.
  • Suitable for accessing the system: Instead of constantly swiping from top to bottom, you can choose a better location.


Applying on-screen controls not only applies to communication-related features that you often use on your smartphone but also applies to media files. Users can completely skip forward to the next song right on the notification displayed on the screen. It can be seen that the effects related to notifications completely reduce the need for you to swipe the screen too much, and from there, the feeling of discomfort with these factors is also slightly reduced. Therefore, just make one adjustment, and the next time, it will become easier for you to use your smartphone.

  • Simple on/off operation: You can navigate device control with simpler and faster strokes.
  • Free to make adjustments: The above actions all appear thanks to the application’s help.
  • Quick access: With basic features such as a camera and flashlight, access speed will be optimized.

NotiGuy v2.3.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (7M)

You are now ready to download NotiGuy for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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