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4G or Wi-Fi networks are indispensable in our 4.0 life, but sometimes, sharing Internet connections from mobile phones can cause some limitations for network operators. Limit bandwidth or limit 4G capacity. That is why you should use an additional Internet connection-sharing application to optimize the process of enjoying the Internet connection in the smoothest and most effective way without encountering constraints or limitations. Unnecessary restrictions interrupt the experience. With NetShare – no-root-tethering, you can share the Internet connection from your mobile phone with other devices without root permission, thereby turning your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Fi is convenient for connecting other devices such as computers, tablets, or other devices that use the Internet with just your phone.


With this app you can easily turn your phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, as long as your phone has 4G or wifi you can share it to all other devices within range. of use and of course this application is completely free, with an unlimited number of devices that can be connected through it, bringing convenience to users because it can be used and accessed anytime and anywhere with extremely easy and quick operations.

  • Bypass carrier tethering fees and restrictions: This feature allows users to bypass fees or capacity limits from carriers, giving users more freedom and flexibility in using their Internet connection.
  • Works even if tethering is blocked on your device: With this feature, users are allowed to share their Internet connection even when the network carrier disables the sharing feature to force users to use more advanced service packages.
  • Completely hidden and undetectable tethering: And moreover, this application is also equipped with a camouflage layer that helps share Internet connection without emitting any signals or notifications that other users or network operators can detect. present.
  • Fast sharing using WiFi instead of Bluetooth: Besides, the application supports sharing information between devices connected to the same wifi station.


However, there is a minus point in this application, which is that the application only supports mobile devices using the Android 6 operating system or higher, so iPhone models or other operating systems will not be able to use it. It can become a wifi hotspot. However, because it only supports one operating system, the application has time to release many upgraded versions continuously. Thanks to upgrading and editing features more frequently, the user experience is increasingly improved.

  • Compatible with most modern Android devices: It’s quite a pity about this application because it is a pretty great application and free but only supported on phones with Android 6 operating system or higher.
  • Takes advantage of the latest Android features and improvements: In addition, as the developer introduces the application, it will always be designed to take advantage of the latest capabilities of Android operating system upgrades.
  • Regular updates to support new Android versions: Besides, the developer also ensures that updated versions will always be released continuously every time the Android operating system is updated.


As I have introduced, in addition to being able to use the 4G network as a wifi hotspot, this application also supports users using WIFI as a hotspot; this is a very useful and convenient feature that helps users save money. Save time when having to perform network login operations for mobile devices. In addition, users can also save on the cost of registering for 4G packages provided by network operators. In addition, wifi networks are used as a new transmitter tower with even wider coverage than the original network.

  • Extend the range of a weak WiFi signal: This helps the original Wi-Fi network expand its coverage and ensure that the network speed is not inferior to the original network.
  • Share your WiFi without using cellular data: This is a useful feature when you have a stable Wi-Fi connection and want to share it with other devices without using a cellular connection and consuming data.
  • Create a portable WiFi network on the go: With the features of this application, your phone has become more convenient than ever thanks to the portable wifi network that can be used at any time.


Besides the benefits that the application brings, network speed is also a part that users are equally concerned about when using this application, so knowing the concerns of users, the developer has invested quite carefully. Rely on the use of optimization libraries to improve speed and performance when sharing an Internet connection, ensuring a fast and stable tethering experience every time. This is especially important in sharing mobile Internet connections because data transmission speed has a significant impact on the user’s usage experience, which can worsen the user experience.

  • Faster than default WiFi tethering tools: Equipped with an optimized data transfer library that provides faster performance compared to old built-in tools.
  • It uses specially optimized C libraries: In addition, the application provides users with customized high-speed C libraries.
  • Provides a smooth, lag-free tethering experience: Thanks to the construction of excellent library structures that overcome weaknesses when sharing wifi, through which users have a smoother and faster experience.

Download NetShare v2.39 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download (1 MB)

You are now ready to download NetShare for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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