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  • Speed Game Multiplier
  • Earn Money = 99 Millions Money
  • Premium Enabled


  • Unlimited Money

A game like a hotel master’s journey is full of exciting surprises, from employees to managers to hotel owners, all relying on their own efforts with the game. An incredibly exciting and exciting game that will take you to a variety of emotional levels to be proud and passionate.


An entirely new model, a relaxing play style that takes you from employee to master, and on the path of cultivating and developing a five-star hotel, which brings you many new milestones that will be the exciting thing in the game that will make you fun and relaxed more than ever.

  • Beginner to tycoon progression: Starting from a single hotel and expanding to many different locations into big business headquarters. That will expand the hotel chain with the business model.
  • Promotions and progression: You’ll go step by step, progressing from a servant to a hotel boss from small to big, just like a career promotion. Game is no different from real life to promotion in employment.
  • Hotel customization and upgrades: You will be upgrading your hotel step by step, you will be bringing your hotel to a 5-star standard as in real life, making business efficient with the 5-star hotel.


A game like the way you become a real manager, with high appeal and addiction. You must continue to provide good service along with satisfactory service, thus bringing fruit to the work as well as achievement in the game.

  • Addictive gameplay loop: It’ll be an attractive and addictive game for you because the appeal and appeal of the game will keep you addicted forever. The spin of the game, but it never makes you feel depressed; you’re always in a position to be ready to play because it’s too attractive.
  • Guest satisfaction focus: In the service sector, you have to satisfy your customers. The customers who are satisfied will be the driving force for the development of the hotel. Constant efforts to keep customers satisfied by providing fast service
  • Efficiency upgrades: To work more efficiently, you need to upgrade your facilities and train your staff quickly and effectively. From there, the work is much more efficient and much better.


You can customize all your utilities for growth and profitability. Engage in arbitrary design and combine different jobs to serve the profitability and development of your hotel, thus bringing many benefits and achievements in the game as well as accumulating more knowledge and skills for your real life.

  • Profitable amenities: Add a lot of profitable amenities, as well as tools to help you combine profitable investments, add vending machines, restaurants, parking lots, swimming pools, etc. to maximize your profits.
  • Custom room designs: You can customize and design your rooms and hotels at your discretion to suit your needs and preferences, to fit the hotel’s beauty and aesthetics, for the accompanying amenities and business to profit.


To operate smoothly, you need to hire and have a highly trained staff, always make sure everything works properly, be prepared so that nothing is missing, and be careful of anything that may happen so that everything goes well.

  • Staff management: To operate well, you need to hire and manage your employees in the best way, you have to train and manage employees, hire employees and develop facilities in the most optimal way, to bring maximum profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid shortages: You need to be prepared for every option, always prepare the goods and supplies for the customers, avoid the shortage and annoy the guests, you have to be really serious and prepared as well as possible for everything.


The better your skills and experience, the closer you get to many better positions, which gives you a lot of great opportunities, from managing to managing or going higher depending on your abilities and experience.

  • New locations: Unlock new hotels in exciting locations as you progress, the higher you go, the more exciting places are waiting for you, try to get up halfway higher and conquer better locations.
  • Escalating Challenges: In your journey as a hotel owner, you will have a lot of challenges and surprises; just as you get through and develop yourself, you’ll have the chance to master the hotel of your dreams.

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