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You started as nothing more than a single ant. You won’t have enough ants to start a new colony immediately, but your gene pool will grow if you keep bringing food back. They determined that it satisfies all of the requirements for an ant colony. Only the question of whether to invest in the nest’s infrastructure or grow the ant colony’s size occupies your mind.

My Ant Farm My Ant Farm


It is always preferable to begin with, a larger support base. When there are enough of them, you must consider the swarm’s combined speed and strength. Your strategic acumen, perceptiveness, and judgment will be tested when deciding whether to raise or hold after the opening round. Predation time for the ant colony will shift depending on your decisions. In between rounds, your rate of movement determines how many points you earn and how much food you receive. When an ant colony expands too quickly, the distance, its members must travel to forage for food grows, slowing them down as individuals and increasing the time it takes to forage for food in general. There is no “traffic congestion” setting, so they must go in a wide arc to avoid their pals. That is currently being considered.


In addition to the usual benefits of completing a mission quickly, you will also be rewarded with diamonds. Diamonds are like vast amounts of DNA; both are required to continue your endless search by speeding it up, increasing the number of ants, or supercharging them. My Ant Farm can be enjoyed by gamers who lack motivation due to its nature as an idle simulation. Because you’ve already done most of the work, all that remains is distributing the food. A computer algorithm generates the genetic code for the game. A swarm of ants, like a well-oiled machine, can accomplish a great deal. They would sneakily return their prey to the nest one by one. This will not require a joystick or any slow ants. One slacker is only playing this game.

My Ant Farm My Ant Farm


The ability of this game’s design to uplift its participants was deliberate. Not like, say, ant-based video games. My Ant Farm may appear to be a role-playing or puzzle game at first glance, but it is a strategy game. When you first look at the map, you’ll notice a bunch of hexagons squished together to form one large one, indicating that this game will require much more brainpower than usual. Finding a means to destroy and conquer other ant nests to use them as a resource mining area is your ultimate goal.

First, you should expand your ant farm. They will require sustenance and the means to construct a nest. To bolster the anthill’s defenses, the queens must generate many offspring. Next, devise a safe method of transporting food supplies. Finally, we must determine how to maximize daily income. These critical events occur daily and for hours, so you must pay attention to succeed.

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Download (62M)

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