METAL SLUG 4 ACA NEOGEO v1.1.3 APK (Full Game)

Relive the classic action of METAL SLUG 4 APK – Join the battle with new characters and intense gameplay.

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NEOGEO’s masterpiece games are now available on smartphones! In recent years, SNK has partnered with Hamster Corporation to bring many of the classic games on the NEOGEO onto modern gaming devices through the ACA NEOGEO series. Now on smartphones, the difficulty and graphics NEOGEO games had years ago can be reproduced through display settings and options. Gamers can also benefit from online features like leaderboards. Additionally, the app has quick save/load and customizable virtual controls to support comfortable play. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy timeless classics that are still supported today!


METAL SLUG 4, an action shooting game launched by SNK in 2002, marks the fifth entry in the esteemed METAL SLUG franchise. Alongside veterans Marco and Fio, new characters Trevor and Nadia have enlisted for battle! Use the new weapons tactically and maximize your score with the novel Metallish System! This enduring classic truly leads the charge in engaging 2D run and gun action.


Few games can match the sheer intensity and excitement of METAL SLUG 4. As you control the heroic characters through diverse locations, enemies constantly swarm the screen. You’ll need sharp reflexes and steady thumbs to survive the relentless onslaught. Despite the chaos, the refined controls make moving, jumping, and shooting feel natural. The nonstop action will keep you glued to the screen for hours!


What’s an action game without larger-than-life boss battles? METAL SLUG 4 delivers some of the most memorable fights ever. Enormous tanks, creepy mutants, and mechanical monstrosities are just some of the challenges. With patterns to learn and weaknesses to uncover, these clashes test both brains and brawn. Taking down a screen-filling boss after an epic struggle provides immense satisfaction. The bosses here rank among gaming’s greats.


You’ll need some serious firepower to overcome the threats in METAL SLUG 4, and the game delivers. From pistols and machine guns to heavy artillery, the arsenal covers all the bullet-spewing basics. But then you have the more unique and outlandish options like laser guns, grenade launchers, and multi-directional Napalm missiles. Combat stays fresh since you constantly unlock new tools of destruction. Finding your favorite weapons and upgrading them adds more depth. This killer collection gives you what you need to win.


Beyond great gameplay, METAL SLUG 4 impresses with cinema-quality presentation. The detailed 2D graphics burst with personality, from the expressive characters to the varied environments. Little touches like destructible objects and oozing alien slime enhance immersion. Dramatic camera angles and screen-filling explosions amplify the action. The rocking soundtrack matches the intensity with driving beats. Supremely polished visuals and audio make this easily one of the most cinematic run and gun experiences around.


Few gaming series achieve the lasting appeal of METAL SLUG. The recent smartphone release of METAL SLUG 4 shows why these games remain beloved after decades. The timeless 2D gameplay still feels great while the action movie flair dazzles like ever. Fans can now play this masterpiece anywhere while new players can discover a defining entry in an iconic franchise. With snappy action, big bosses, and stylish presentation, METAL SLUG 4 represents the best of arcade gaming. This classic was built to last.

METAL SLUG 4 ACA NEOGEO v1.1.3 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (76M)

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