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Max Payne Mobile Mod APK is an action-adventure game that tells the story of the main character Max Payne’s journey to fight bad guys. This game has already made a name for itself with the PC game versions and now appears on mobile. The game features cinematic action scenes and a compelling story behind it. Adapted to Mobile, Max Payne does not have too many limitations but gives players a series of superior features compared to the original PC version.

Max Payne Mobile


As mentioned in the description, Max Payne Mobile is just an optimally balanced version for mobile, but it really doesn’t show too many limitations. Even to be suitable for the mobile platform, the game also has superior features to the PC version to make a truly fast game. Entering the game, players will notice some adjusted but not significantly reduced features, especially in the visuals.

However, it is a necessary adjustment that the game saves a lot of resources for the user’s device. And to make up for the reduced part and create the unique nature of the game in the mobile version, the game has a lot of features suitable for this platform. There are some great features like playing offline the available missions and saving the game on sudden exit so that you can continue when you come back.

Max Payne Mobile


Dramatic fight scenes are what created the brand for Max Payne. The battle scenes are built vividly and monumentally, bearing the impression of a Hollywood movie compared to a mere game. By the nature of standard action shown through choking missions with a serious difficulty, the game still maintains a unique attraction compared to other games of the same genre. Referring to Max Payne, we will have a completely unique character and the soul of the whole game. The game’s main character always exudes a terrifying composure and great confidence in style. This is also the image that has created the character’s brand.

In addition to looks and style, Max Payne also has a real talent that is demonstrated through tasks that can be considered impossible. With missions that take more or fewer enemies and take place in a narrow space, those action scenes will make you fall in love with this game. So does Max Payne really give players a mania? Let’s join the game and find out the answer to this question.

Max Payne Mobile


Max Payne is a character who performs tasks assigned by an organization specializing in cleaning up terrorists. The forces are slowly boiling with evil plots to manipulate power and fame in a peaceful world. The way for these organizations to achieve their goals is entirely extreme, and that’s when Max Payne stood up to stop that conspiracy. With a significant role and always trusted, Max is always the first choice for the most challenging tasks and always completes them well. Nothing can stop him on his path to bringing light to innocent people caught up in crime.


  • Storyline: Max Payne Mobile features the same gripping storyline as the original Max Payne game. The game follows the story of Max Payne, a former NYPD detective who becomes a vigilante after his wife and child are murdered.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay in Max Payne Mobile is similar to that of the original game. The player controls Max Payne as he navigates through levels, shooting enemies and solving puzzles.
  • Bullet time: One of the most popular features of the Max Payne series is the bullet time. In Max Payne Mobile, players can slow down time to dodge bullets and take out enemies.
  • Graphics and sound: Max Payne Mobile features updated graphics and high-quality sound effects. The game also includes full voice acting for all of the characters.
  • Controls: The mobile version of Max Payne has been optimized for touch-screen devices, with intuitive controls that allow players to easily move and shoot.
  • Multiplayer: Max Payne Mobile includes a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other in deathmatch and team deathmatch modes.
  • Achievements and leaderboards: The game features a range of achievements that players can earn by completing specific objectives. There are also online leaderboards that allow players to compete for high scores.

Max Payne Mobile v1.7 MOD APK (Cheats Menu) Download

Download (1.18 GB)

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