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If you are one of those who love games developed in a strategic style, LORDS MOBILE will no longer be a strange name. But what do you think if Lords Mobile collaborates with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire to create a big explosion? That has truly come true with Lords Mobile Godzilla Kong War being released to players around the world. This is when the Kingdom of Athena will need to be defended against the onslaught of mysterious enemies.


One of the most special features that Lords Mobile Godzilla Kong War can bring to its players is the clan battle. The game will allow you to form your own epic guild. Through it, you will work with members of the same guild and fight with rival guilds. To best do this, a large map has been opened. You will need to discuss tactics with your clan to lead the way to glory.

  • Conquer Together: You and other players will create epic clans. This is your chance to confront rival clans on a large map. Players will continuously expand the territory and influence of the guild.
  • Unleash Full Power: Guild battles have a special feature compared to reality: Your soldiers will not die forever. This is a good opportunity to use all your forces in battle.
  • Strategize for Glory: Players will need to discuss tactics and strategies with their teammates to be able to fight. A careful and detailed plan can bring your clan a higher winning rate.


The game has developed for its players a powerful artifact system so that players can upgrade their powers. Ancient artifacts are hidden in special places to wait for their owners. And it would be best if you remembered that they possess a huge source of power and the ability to support your hero. So, you will need to consider carefully investing resources to be able to search for antiques. Equip them for your army and upgrade a significant source of power.

  • Uncover Artifacts: Explore the mystical Artifact Hall to uncover ancient relics imbued with incredible powers. These rare artifacts provide major boosts to your heroes and troops.
  • Enhance Powers: Invest resources to upgrade unearthed artifacts, enhancing their attributes and unlocking their true earth-shattering potential. Their full capabilities will be amplified.
  • Empower Troops: Equip enhanced artifacts to significantly empower the strengths of your troops and heroes. Even common troops can become devastating forces with the right artifacts.


Have you ever thought about whether you would be the one to build an empire, a powerful kingdom for yourself? Then Lords Mobile Godzilla Kong War will allow you to do this in a truly realistic way. You will need to pay attention to the kingdom’s buildings, such as resource buildings, military barracks, hospitals, academies, and more. All of them will be built and developed in a formal way, like an army, so that your kingdom can survive.

  • Build an Empire: Construct and upgrade resource buildings, military barracks, hospitals, academies, and more. Manage these buildings wisely to boost your economy, train elite troops, and prosper.
  • Research Advantages: Invest in technological research to discover military advantages and unlock kingdom bonuses. Advanced research will give your kingdom an edge.
  • Train Victorious Forces: Recruit, train, and develop powerful troops of different types – infantry, ranged, cavalry, and siege. Level up hero generals to lead your armies to victory.


To be always ready to face the challenges ahead, you will always need to build a combat readiness strategy for your army. The game is also really sophisticated when it comes to equipping its players with 4 troop types and 6 tactical formations. This diversity can allow you to think and maximize the strength of your army. By prioritizing different types of troops, such as cavalry charges, infantry phalanxes, and archer volleys, your chances of winning will increase.

  • Strategic Options: With 4 troop types and 6 tactical formations, you have strategic flexibility to counter enemies. Use cavalry charges, infantry phalanxes, and archer volleys.
  • Exploit Weaknesses: Analyze your opponent’s formations and deploy strong troops against them. The right countertroop matchups can devastate enemies.
  • Complementary Pairings: Combine troop types and pair them with hero generals that accentuate their strengths for maximum effectiveness. The right combinations are unstoppable.


The last feature that you will need to pay attention to in Lords Mobile Godzilla Kong War will be none other than the hero system. The game has prepared legendary heroes including dragon lords, archmage wizards, axe warriors, priestesses and more. Your army is gradually improving and the missing piece is the legendary heroes. Recruit them and empower them to become a general to lead the army. Now is the time to expand your kingdom.

  • Assemble Elite Team: Recruit legendary heroes like dragon lords, archmage wizards, ax warriors, priestesses, and more. Field a mighty team of 5 superheroes.
  • Lead to Glory: Heroes can lead armies as war generals, boosting troops with their powers and skills. Their leadership brings glory and victory.
  • Showcase Might: Send heroes on RPG-style campaigns against bandit camps, monster lairs, and dungeons. Let them showcase their full might in battle.

Lords Mobile v2.127 MOD APK (Auto Battle, Unlock VIP, Resources) Download

Download (340M)

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