Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor v1.34.0 MOD APK (Menu, Money, God Mode)

Roguelike adventure game Lonely Survivor Mod APK. You can harvest enemies, level up, and defeat the enemy army in the game.

App Name Lonely Survivor
Size 262M
Latest Version 1.34.0
MOD Info Menu, Money, God Mode
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MOD Info
  • Move Speed Multiplier
  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mod
  • Inject Gold
  • Instant Kill All Monsters

Lonely Survivor revolves around the fierce battle between the hero and the army of monsters led by aggressive bosses. You’ll spend your time overcoming each wave of monsters and collecting as many resources as possible. The power system in the game is quite diverse, with skills that can be combined to create a powerful or strange combination of equipment that is differentiated based on rarity and bonus stats. In particular, each boss will have different fighting mechanisms that you will take time to get acquainted with and experience. These mechanisms are completely suitable for many people but will require a certain level of proficiency.


Lonely Survivor will bring you into a battle where you can find huge waves of enemies whose sole purpose is to destroy you. So, you will use your weapons to destroy them and try to survive against the waves of monsters that constantly appear. In particular, over time, the number and strength of enemies will also make it difficult for you, so don’t miss the opportunity to increase your level and change your strength based on the skills you possess. Of course, each level will be new, and you won’t know what lies ahead.

  • Unlimited combat: Players will have to face waves of enemies that continuously increase over time to become the last survivor.
  • An environment with different characteristics: Each place has its own terrain characteristics and creates conditions for players to get used to in the beginning.
  • Every gameplay is an experience: The experiences that come to you are often different from skills to bosses.


Lonely Survivor offers a diverse power system that any player needs to pay attention to, including the level system and equipment system. Specifically, players will be able to level up their character over time as they destroy different types of enemies and have resources to upgrade skills. In addition, the equipment system is also a system to pay attention to as you will spend a lot of time collecting essential elements with extremely high rarity. The equipment system in the game is graded based on its own color, so you will go from common equipment to extremely rare equipment to increase your stats.

  • Level up over time: You must pick up experience to increase your character’s level over time.
  • New equipment for characters: Upgrade items combined with gold can increase the power of any equipment.
  • Diverse upgrade system: Each piece of equipment requires an upgrade material that you will collect during each gameplay.


The notable point in Lonely Survivor is the player’s control skills and their adaptation before matches. They don’t need to move through many buttons, but they also have to move their fingers continuously to avoid enemies’ skills. So, with just one wrong move, your character can receive powerful damage from the boss. Besides a large number of normal monsters, bosses are indispensable spices that can bring bitterness to any player. You will take time to adapt and catch up with the mechanics of each different boss.

  • Escape from enemy siege: Monsters always try to find a way to block your escape, so choose the right location to shoot.
  • Combine skills to create advantages: New skills will create advantages in destroying monsters faster and can be combined very strongly.
  • Progress bar predicts danger: You must check the gameplay progress bar to know when dangerous bosses appear.


The game’s interface will follow a vertical image where you will perform swipe actions to move the character, so this game does not require too many buttons but is difficult to master. You will spend time learning how to move properly and handle situations in a flash, especially when you receive a new skill during the game. Therefore, each battle is a different experience and will bring certain difficulties or advantages that you need to adapt to immediately. In addition, different skills can create impressive and sometimes crazy combos if you know how to combine them properly.

  • Easy and accessible movement: Gameplay focuses on a one-handed gaming experience where you only need to navigate the character.
  • Attack enemies automatically: Enemies can be attacked when approaching you, and you only need to focus on moving.


During the game, anyone will certainly encounter failure, and this will motivate them to make upgrades. These upgrades are absolutely necessary but will take a lot of resources that you will spend time collecting in this game. Therefore, consider when using it and what elements you need to prioritize in collecting. In particular, each factor, such as skill or equipment, has a certain role and cannot be overlooked because it affects your gameplay and ability to survive. So, let’s divide resources in a completely reasonable way.

  • Avoid danger: You will need to find a way to escape the monsters’ siege and not allow them to touch you.
  • Move continuously in the environment: The character continuously moves over time to keep distance from waves of monsters and their attacks.
  • Unexpected rewards: Chests are opened with diamonds containing weapons of different qualities.

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