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Live Wallpapers, 4K Wallpapers, is a collection of live wallpapers that help users see a completely different change on their device. The gentle to sultry images are always changing, and you can see them at any time. In particular, you can not only use a single wallpaper but also change it over time, and the accuracy is calculated from time to time. Therefore, you can freely choose things that suit your mood at each moment, and when you see something light, sometimes you will feel comfortable. Surely, this is a great application for those who love beauty.


Live Wallpapers, 4K Wallpapers provide a huge library of wallpapers with impressive designs, and some of them exude mystery and magic that you cannot ignore. These wallpapers are available in very high quality, from HD to higher, so any device can use them. So, gradually, you will not need to waste time searching for wallpapers from other sources; you will only need one single application. It will also take you a long time to explore all that this application has to offer because the number of wallpapers will continue to increase according to the topics they are classified into.

  • Huge number of collections: You will have to spend many years to explore all the resources of the application.
  • Search by topic: Based on the styles incorporated into the work, users will have different interesting experiences.
  • Operational stability: The creator always focuses entirely on the experience and stability of the device used.


To compete strongly with other wallpaper-providing applications, the product that Live Wallpapers, 4K Wallpapers brings, is completely unique because it is live wallpapers. In other words, users absolutely find the added effect in these wallpapers. This is not about adding effects completely randomly but in accordance with the existing designs in the image. Therefore, nature themes will have different effects than space effects, and those who love each theme will take the time to browse and choose the most suitable effects and images. There’s nothing better than having beautiful wallpaper and accompanying elements that move smoothly before your eyes.

  • High image quality: With 4K resolution, taking advantage of its full potential is impossible.
  • Use in many ways: You can choose the most prominent part from your perspective or rotate it as you like.
  • Variety of topics: Images are simply abstract elements or concrete objects that appear in your daily life.


So that users can find wallpapers that they feel good to use for their devices, the application provides different themes so you can filter them out. Each theme has similar characteristics between works, so with just a little time, you can find the perfect product that suits you. If you feel bored, continue looking for other wallpapers to replace. It must take a lot of time for you to take full advantage of what the application has to offer, but now, a problem arises: constantly changing the wallpaper.

  • Change over time: Instead of being fixed with one image, a series of options will alternate positions with each other.
  • Vivid in every moment: Every time you turn on your device screen, something new appears before your eyes.
  • Convenient to use: Users do not need to change and search for the most suitable options for you.


Changing the wallpaper a few times will always do the trick, but over time, some people get used to what’s available, and the amount of resources feels like a waste. So, the app provides a feature that changes the wallpaper, and you will be able to set some settings related to the wallpaper. This change will be made automatically, and you will have to pre-select the wallpapers you like. This can be done quickly, and after just a while, you will see a difference in your device every time and every time.

  • Suitable for many types of wallpapers: You will see the perfect combination of high-quality images and an AMOLED screen.
  • Stand out in some cases: With support from different color tones, users can rest assured that each work stands out.
  • Energy saving: You can consider options with a single color tone so that it doesn’t consume a lot of your device’s battery.


Have you ever thought about changing your wallpaper based on your mood? If so, changing the wallpaper can be used to help you feel comfortable with what you have prepared in advance. The diverse number of images always includes gentle images to images that exude strength and motivation. When you want to rest, set a wallpaper that matches that time so that when you open your device, a feeling of comfort will come to you immediately. In particular, the change settings feature can be so detailed that it allows you to perform the setup process for each different time frame.

  • Friendly interface: With not too-complicated support features, changing the wallpaper is easier than ever.
  • Preview the change: Instead of constantly selecting and converting, you can refer to the predicted image as you apply a new image.
  • Detailed settings: Users can try choosing timings and changing times to have the most satisfactory interface.

Live Wallpapers v4.2.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (7M)

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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