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You can build your mining team in Idle Pirate – Endless Treasure. You may have served in several wars, each with its distinct surroundings. Although your previous encounter took place over a vast ocean, the terrain for this encounter will be completely different. Initially, you only plan to explore the waters, but the approaching danger forces you to take up arms. You have put your trust in the battle army of legendary pirates. However, your career goals—exploring the ocean—are different. Form a pirate gang and sail to the most remote corners of the planet.


Your sea adventures are just beginning, and they will be tough. You can command a gang at sea. On a sacred island, top pirates will gather together. From here, you and your crew will set sail for new adventures at sea. If the pirates want to cross the ocean’s vastness and discover new countries, they must band together. War at sea will continue as long as it is necessary to determine who rules the oceans. Gather a pirate crew and attack ships to build a pirate fleet.

Idle Pirate – Endless Treasure Idle Pirate – Endless Treasure


Humanity has always been in the dark about the vast and mysterious origin of the sea. Many sunken ships are believed to carry large amounts of undiscovered gold and silver. And you have had free reign over precious items since the beginning. However, it would be best if you took on the character of pirates vilified by society. When your main goal is to mine the bottom of the ocean to get rich, it seems like anything is possible. You want to establish a community with pirates by building an island. Every voyage reveals something new, and yours is about to set sail.


You have made a name for yourself as a pirate roaming the seven seas. However, you and your crew will need a safe place to relax after your journey. Furthermore, isolating people on the island is the best method to ensure their safety. Those who want to make quick money from treasure will constantly be looking for your kind. Find an uninhabited island and put in your finished structures. The island will be your home and a haven for your loot. Create a famous island where pirates can live safely from outsiders.

Idle Pirate – Endless Treasure Idle Pirate – Endless Treasure


Join the grandeur of this ocean that will leave you in awe of all the possibilities. In addition to your island, there are other fascinating destinations to visit. Unsolved treasure puzzles are likely to exist in shipwreck areas. Unexplored territory may be waiting for you to explore, each bursting with new possibilities. The more knowledge you have, the better your chances of establishing profitable trade deals. If you build a sea trade route, the business will continue as usual. The pirate crew members have come together to gain control of the world’s seas.

Idle Pirate – Endless Treasure


Because of your pirate identity, you will engage in brutal wars with dangerous enemies on the high seas. They can be greedy in pursuit of the spoils of your expedition. Whether you are a pirate or not, your ship will be attacked. They will likely pursue your island if they realize its preciousness. In addition to the pirates, you will have to confront the marine police force, which aims to eliminate all the pirates. Your mission is to stay alive while the other armies focus on their goals. Fight enemies at sea while defending your precious goal of uncovering any buried treasure.

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Download (159M)

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