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Idle Expedition Mod APK will be a game that can give its players the best experience through intense matches that the game has carefully prepared. If you are a fan of participating in games designed in the style of adventure play, this will be a great choice for you to add to your collection. With this game, players will experience an exciting journey where they can bring their partners to new lands and discover interesting things. But you will also need to be careful, as all new lands will spawn enemies that you will need to confront and fight.

Idle Expedition Idle Expedition


Players must first gather an army capable of overcoming any foe they may face to embark on a grand expedition. A squad’s maximum number of characters participating in a battle is five. After their highest-leveled original character reaches level 10, 20, 30, or 50, they can add a powerful new character to their squad. Everyone in the narrative is an expert in one or more fields, such as Warrior, Priest, Archer, Mage, or Assassin. In battle, each character will rely on their unique talents and abilities to gain an advantage and quickly dispatch their opponents. As the level of a challenge battle increases, more character forms become available.

Idle Expedition Idle Expedition


The game includes a unique hero system with plenty of possibilities for expansion and a hard challenge system. You will surely encounter difficult adversaries and possibly even the boss on your quest for adventure. Even if you’re strong and motivated, they can rapidly knock you out, so don’t underestimate them. Remember that your character can level up and get better equipment and that the game’s opponents and bosses will become more difficult as you continue. Killing difficult opponents and bosses will grant you experience points, which may be utilized to level up. Gaining experience points helps you to enhance your team’s players. You must also remove the BOSS from the MAPS daily; they can provide you with a lot of experience, which will help your team perform better in combat.


You won’t have to worry too much when your heroes can keep up with your foes’ growing power. A character can equip a maximum of eight pieces of gear at once in combat; each piece of gear increases your hero’s base skill set by six. However, gamers should remember that not all gear is beneficial and choose the best gear for their characters based on how they fight. After equipping, the equipment can be upgraded with gold and crafted points to increase its battle effectiveness.

Idle Expedition


The game has an enemy and boss system and enables players to choose ways to engage in combat. There are two methods to play the game. You could recognize them as “campaign” and “Maze Deep.” Players are rewarded with a range of in-game goodies and experience points after finishing a mission in the campaign mode. The other playable mode is Maze Deep. Gold coins, skill shards, and unidentified treasure boxes may be scattered everywhere when you complete a level.

Download Idle Expedition v1.0.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, EXP, Resources)

Download (105M)

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