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  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited skill points


  • Unlimited money, diamonds, and skill points
  • Rapid level increase
  • Auto battle purchased.


  • Coins and Crystals increase when spent!

Grow Castle, a mobile tower defense game, is fun to play. The game has a fun and simple graphic design, but the player must build a strategy to win. The game’s ability to provide hours of entertainment has increased its popularity.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


The events of Grow Castle begin with a global invasion of monsters, and your kingdom is on the verge of that invasion. You are aware of the situation and understand that you must devise a strategy to protect yourself. However, the original kingdom’s armed forces could have been more vital. Throughout the game, you must assemble a formidable army to repel the increasingly hostile monsters that will attack you.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


The player’s primary goal in Grow Castle is to protect their tower at all costs. The original Wave is simple, and your soldier system is limited. However, opponents will constantly approach your tower, and you must eliminate them one by one if you want to progress. As you progress through the levels, the complexity and number of enemies increase. It will take you more time and energy to defend your territory. You’ll need to collect gold and diamonds throughout the game to build castles and fortify your army against enemies. At critical times in the war, the game will appear with the Great Boss with terrible power. You will need a solid and agile army to wipe them out, in addition to defensive tactics.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


You can choose from up to 120 units throughout the game, each with unique skills and combat effects. Depending on the strategy you want to build, use other units. Wizards’ spells can freeze their opponents, while witches’ spells can create thunder. You can choose from three heroes at the start of the game: Knight, Elf, and Lightning Mage. However, as you go on quests and earn cash, you’ll be able to purchase up to eleven additional hero slots. Heroes can improve their damage output and overall abilities by purchasing class-specific upgrades. It’s important to remember that heroes’ skills multiply when combined with other skills. For example, Knight’s summoned warriors can be strengthened by Priest’s buff.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


Grow Castle players must focus on fortifying their castles, turrets, and warriors for more vitality and energy. Soldiers are the main fighting force, but towers also play an important role in defense effectiveness so you should not skip upgrading them. You can deploy up to four turrets and some of them can even change into completely new forms with the right upgrades. Use a turret like Thorn Worm, Thunder Tower or Cannon to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


Grow Castle’s simple graphics fully emphasize the game’s strategic depth and destroy the enemies. The stunning visual design and bright color palette of this game are the attractions of many players. To create a more exciting and lively feeling for the player, the effects must be equally vivid such as explosion sounds, magic, and attacks. Any gamer who enjoys tower defense games will find this game the best choice.

Grow Castle v1.37.16 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode, Money) Download

Download (48M)

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