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  • Mod menu with the ability to see through walls (ESP), fly through walls (Noclip) and more.

Granny: Chapter Two is a horror game where the player meets the classic scary Granny. Players continue to be kidnapped to the house of the scary character and find a way to escape by collecting the necessary parts of the vehicle. At the same time, these parts will be scattered in different parts, and you will always be hunted by Granny and meet a new character, Grandpa.

Granny: Chapter Two


In Granny: Chapter Two, the player becomes kidnapped by a strange person named Granny with a completely terrifying appearance. The level begins when the player is lying down and can see the ceiling, and when looking to the right, Granny knocks them unconscious. After waking up, they find themselves in the dangerous character’s car, and they are taken to a mysterious old house. So they were officially confined to a room and not allowed to move.

Granny will constantly move in the house, and of course, the player will not be able to stay in this scary place. They will control the character to move inside the house to find a way to escape, and in particular, the fear of possibly meeting a dangerous enemy with a scary appearance always tries to attack with a stick. So, the player will control the character from a first-person perspective and move around the house skillfully so that Granny can’t recognize it and start collecting the necessary things.

Granny: Chapter Two


Control operation of Granny: Chapter Two is straightforward when you will control the character with different buttons and can interact with what you want. You will be able to open objects around and grab them if you so desire, and the player can only hold one object at a time. At the same time, the fact that they are scattered in different rooms will sometimes be difficult for players to find.

Finding the necessary items to escape will take some time because of Granny’s pursuit that the player must try to hide. At the same time, the boat that you find below the drain area completely lacks the key and the things that make it possible to operate. So, after finding an object, you will move down to the area of the boat and install these parts. If you find the key, you can throw it on the ground to use after the parts are complete.

Granny: Chapter Two


The player can completely adjust the level of challenge of this game before they enter the official level. At the same time, a new point that you will need to pay attention to is a new character appearing with Granny, and the level of hunting you when you know you are running away will be higher. In addition, players can also choose to appear as Granny and Granpa in the menu, and if you want to challenge yourself, you can choose both.

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Download (88 MB)

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