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Grand War: Rome Strategy v849 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals)

Grand War: Rome Strategy Mod APK – Build your empire in Rome, a game that spans two thousand years of military history!

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Surely you have seen the very famous movie 300 Warriors, right? Inspired by this movie, the game recreates the scene of the Roman army rapidly growing in strength and thereby invading other countries. Besides the feature of invading other countries in the game, the game also requires players to calculate how to both have optimal attack power and still be able to defend the city. This is also the characteristic that makes the strategy of this game quite difficult.


In addition to creating continuous battles, the game has also created the feature of collecting generals. To be precise, players will have to find a way to collect as many elite generals as possible for their army in order to gain the internal power of these generals. Normally, generals will give the soldiers in the squad more strength stats or defense stats depending on the general the player owns.

  • Wield Authority: In this game there are many famous General characters who have appeared in real life and the game has also recreated the images of these characters very clearly through their strength characteristics.
  • Make History: At the same time, which character the player uses as their main general will also reflect the gameplay as well as the era they are about to show the world.
  • Gain Power: The generals that the player acquires will have a different strength characteristic compared to other soldiers; that is, they will be equipped with both internal power and unique skills suitable for their abilities.


The most important thing that players need to understand in this game is that they must manage their squad to become the most optimal. In other words, players will have to divide their squad into several attack and defense groups depending on the player’s strength assessment of neighboring countries. This will help players expand their power faster while still keeping their main city safe.

  • Control the Battlefield: In addition to the ability to collect and use powerful general characters, players can also create a team with extremely powerful soldiers.
  • Strengthen Your Troops: At the same time, the soldiers in the player’s squad will also be continuously upgraded to increase their strength index as well as defense index through each fierce battle.
  • Unlock New Abilities: Although they will not have the visceral power of other generals, some elite soldiers will be allowed by the game to bring additional active attack skills.


When it comes to how to win the majority of battles, it comes down to how well players know their opponents. This is extremely important because it helps players make accurate decisions because if a player can predict their opponent’s next move, it means they are winning.

  • Leverage Geography: The most typical example is that the player will have to determine which area the enemy is attacking in, and if it is an area with geographical features such as rivers and mountains, the player can completely take advantage of it. Use this terrain for ambushes and counterattacks.
  • Execute Maneuvers: Although this is a bit cunning, it also shows that the player is really using all their brains to create an advantage for their troops.
  • Outsmart Your Enemies: Most of the time, this method brings good results, which is victory for our side when the enemy will not be able to react in time to unexpected ambushes.


However, the player’s strength does not come naturally because, at the beginning of the game, the developers only allowed players to build an army in a small country. The player’s task is to train their soldiers to invade nearby places and gain many different rare resources to serve the expansion of the empire.

  • Expand Your Borders: The first step that players must do here is to expand their territorial borders to become wider, but this also means that they will suffer more attacks from other areas.
  • Shape History: Once players have gained themselves a large empire, it also means they are writing a heroic history for themselves.
  • Forge a Legacy: Because players are allowed to write their own history, they can also decide for themselves how their path to creating a powerful empire will be in a way that shows off their power or use their reputation to negotiate.

Grand War: Rome Strategy v849 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals) Download

Download (339M)

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