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The jigsaw puzzle has been one of the favorite games of many people since childhood. Adults continue to enjoy puzzles, especially jigsaw puzzles. One limitation of these sets is the need for more variation in the number of pieces. East Side Games Studio was inspired to create a puzzle-style game to satisfy the needs of players through this habit and enthusiasm. The game in question is called Funko Pop! Blitz. This game combines puzzle pieces with colorful cartoon characters. Players will enter a realm filled with exciting match-3 elements based on original concepts.

Funko Pop! Blitz Funko Pop! Blitz


Funko Pop! Blitz is a popular puzzle game among players. This gameplay has proven to be successful in many puzzle games on the market. However, in Funko Pop! Blitz, players do not engage in boring activities. In contrast, the array of characters is both amusing and dynamic. All the names sound like old cartoon characters. Funko Pop! Blitz, the popular smartphone game, has impressed players and gained a large following since its launch. The exciting experiences of completing regular match-3 puzzles keep players excited.

The goal of Funko Pop! Blitz is for the player to complete the tutorial of the game. Competing in this series requires intelligence as well as sharp eyes. The uniqueness of the puzzle game stems from the mix of related parts. Compared to other games, Funko Pop! Blitz has a significant advantage in terms of originality and sophistication. Player effects will bring complexity and realism to the game’s setting. There are always harder than ever obstacles for the player to grow and progress through each level. Funko Pop! Blitz creates a fun and engaging environment for participants.

Funko Pop! Blitz Funko Pop! Blitz


The games are incredibly simple, but that’s not all: their variety and creativity are equally impressive. The game’s creators know to incorporate popular cartoon characters into puzzles. With this game, players feel excited and new. Funko Pop! Blitz has a lot of different players. It will take the form of cards you can collect and use to learn more. They can be classified as general or unusual features. Thanks to that, players understand the meaning of each symbol system and its distinct advantages.


Funko Pop Player! Blitz can test his skills against a variety of challenges. This approach divides obstacles into tiers. Start with the easiest settings, then move on to the more difficult settings. The player must complete the previous level to advance to the next level. Jurassic Park, How to Train Your Dragon, Hello Kitty, and Care Bears have their puzzles. The more achievements you have as a player, the more proof of your ability. In this way, players can hone their already excellent mindset.

Funko Pop! Blitz


Funko Pop! Blitz includes more complex abilities than mere transformations and jigsaws. Match-3 explosives caused those explosions. Players possessing this function will greatly improve the game’s completion efficiency. Furthermore, the number of points earned by players fluctuates and even increases when least expected. Explosions only happen when five or more things are merged at once and have the same destructive power as a bomb with a large explosive radius.

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