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For people who are passionate about football like me but don’t have enough time to watch the football matches they want to watch, this is a really useful app. This app is for not only me but everyone else who doesn’t have too much time to watch football. They can come here to review the achievements or stats in that football match. The special thing that makes the app more outstanding is that the app will also thoroughly analyze the plays in the match. And probably because of this, the app has been praised and trusted by many users from many parts of the world.


For me, this is an extremely convenient app whose main function is to give users the most important information during a football match, but it does not mean that this information only comes after the game ends. We can completely see the developments and results summarized by the app in real-time, and every time there are new goals, the app will automatically update viewers.

  • Real-time scores and match updates: With this feature, we can now complete our unfinished tasks and follow the hottest developments of the match.
  • Instant alerts: The special thing is that new goals will be updated immediately, making us feel like we’re really watching that match.
  • Extensive football coverage: The App completely updates you with news of almost all football matches in the world, not just the area where you live.


To make this application more suitable for users, the developers have also deliberately made it more convenient in that users are allowed to create accounts here and connect it to other devices without using it. This really adds to the flexibility of the application and also aims to not let them miss any of the goals that are happening.

  • Track favorites: Users can also register for some important matches so that the application can prioritize notification of the results and developments of that match to us immediately.
  • Cross-device sync: In addition, if the user forgets their phone at home, they can also use another device and connect it to the account being used on this application. From there, they can continue to monitor.


The special feature of the app is that it will automatically analyze all ball plays or ball retention rates in the match you are watching. This will help users grasp match information more comprehensively and also let them see what is really going on. Or if users want to watch live, they can do that too, and this application will also provide a Live Chat portal for people from everywhere to share information about the football match.

  • Pre-match lineups and stats: Before football matches, the application will show us the stats we need to see about the difference between the two teams, thereby giving a more accurate assessment of the match’s outcome.
  • Post-match analysis: In addition, after the match ends, the application will also provide users with the most accurate information and data available during the match.


Those who already have a favorite football team will certainly want to follow more news and developments happening in the area where their team is playing. This application can completely do that as it always updates the latest news about the team they are following so users can know where their football rankings are and the changes. What is change?

  • Updated standings: Information in the application is updated for users surprisingly quickly.
  • Multi-league overview: Tracking important news about your team is now only contained in one application, bringing a lot of convenience and saving time for users.


The most special point that probably proves why the application is used by so many people is probably because this is not only an application that focuses on just one soccer segment, but it is also distributed to other sports. Honestly speaking, this is an extremely great and convenient application for sports enthusiasts because they will not need to search for news from many different sources themselves. They just need to use this one application.

  • American sports: If you are a basketball enthusiast, you can also use this application to follow the latest useful information about your favorite team.
  • Beyond football: In addition, the app can also provide the latest information about other sports such as tennis or volleyball or even bowling.

FlashScore v5.15.1 Plus MOD APK (Ad-Free) Download

Download (23M)

You are now ready to download FlashScore Plus for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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