European War 7: Medieval

European War 7: Medieval v2.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

European War 7: Medieval Mod APK – Become a cunning commander, experience the thrill of the battlefield, and rule over a tumultuous Europe to find your dynasty.

App Name European War 7: Medieval
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  • Unlimited currency
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Military strategy games have long attracted the interest of intelligent thinkers. This genre was born to ponder, settle down in a stream of thoughts, and calculate with a series of self-drawn positions in the head. EasyTech, a well-known name in the mobile gaming industry, created and published European War 7: Medieval.

European War 7: Medieval


The match will last all day and start with the same tactics, set-ups, and formations as usual. European War 7: Medieval gives you plenty of time to chart the path to victory, including marrying the princess of a neighboring country. Negotiations, armistices, resumption of war, incarceration, and conditional repatriation of detainees are just a few of the complex diplomacy activities available to you. These activities bring a lot of new drama to the game, simulating more than real life.

European War 7: Medieval


As the Roman Empire fell, so did the heroic figures. You start as a skilled commander leading troops into battle. You will be involved in several major and minor European wars from the beginning. You begin your long conquest as a separate independent nation after gradually creating your nation and gaining the upper hand in battle. A powerful nation at the time would dominate the land conquest records, have the largest army, and use various predictable and unpredictable warfare techniques. The goal is to become the emperor of a powerful country that other European countries fear.

European War 7: Medieval


Additionally, in European War 7: Medieval, each champion represents one or more armed units, and champions can use new skills. More than 200 famous generals in the game’s long and prominent history include Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutuzov, Washington, and Kutuzov. Each general has their rank and can be promoted through the ranks over time, from infantry to field marshal, army commander, and finally to the emperor.

Every army in the game has its abilities and playstyle, just like every commander is different. Before entering battle, you must carefully plan your army’s composition, considering the relative strength indicators for each situation. These soldiers will gain experience points with each victory in battle, eventually becoming a dedicated Elite Force with enhanced offensive abilities.

European War 7: Medieval


The game’s internal map system has also been updated. War maps can now be zoomed in and out, fully showing borders and territories, movements of forces during the battle, and terrain and circumstances. The map also shows the general’s capital and several military units. Gives you the most comprehensive and detailed view of the battlefield situation.

European War 7: Medieval


Winning European War 7: Medieval requires careful consideration of the current situation and understanding how the map’s different armies interact. If you want to progress profitably, you must be able to choose the right troops and champions. The armies will then join forces, and the general will direct the military to a location where it can most effectively operate based on its knowledge of the terrain. Once these goals are met, your emperor will undoubtedly be named the new ruler of Europe.


  • Medieval battles: Command armies and fight epic battles during the Middle Ages in Europe.
  • Faction diversity: Play as the English, French, Byzantine, and Holy Roman Empire with unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Resource management: Collect and manage resources such as gold, food, and wood to build your empire.
  • Hero units: Recruit and train heroes with special abilities and bonuses to lead your army.
  • Technology tree: Research new technologies to improve your units, economy, and buildings.
  • Diplomacy system: Form alliances, declare war, or negotiate peace with other factions to influence the game’s outcome.
  • Campaign mode: Experience historical battles and events with a storyline and various objectives.
  • Custom battles: Create custom battles with different conditions, terrain, and armies to experiment with tactics.
  • Multiplayer modes: Battle against other players or team up to conquer other factions in real-time or turn-based games.
  • Real-time battles: Engage in intense real-time battles where you control your troops and use strategy to win.

European War 7: Medieval v2.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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