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Empire Warriors takes on the style of tower defense where players can face a number of enemies that are constantly moving about the kingdom. Players can completely build towers with unique attacks and try to upgrade them to stop the approaching dangerous waves. In particular, throughout the gameplay, you will accompany heroes who possess extraordinary power with the ability to cast magic and move freely on the game stage. New enemies will be countered with new towers, and players will find powerful tower combinations.


Empire Warriors brings players to a kingdom that is always being invaded by different types of enemies. They have one thing in common: they are constantly moving towards the kingdom to capture it, and you will be responsible for stopping them. In particular, you will know the route they will take so you can ambush them and create surprise attacks for them. Building towers will serve this purpose, and you will see pre-arranged locations. In other words, you will be able to build any tower in a pre-determined location based on the waves of enemies constantly moving towards you.

  • Strategically place towers: Place towers wisely to build your defense against enemies.
  • Upgrade and evolve towers: Upgrade towers and make them stronger over time.
  • Carefully balance offense and defense to survive: Find the right balance between tower power and strategic placement.


There is an interesting point in Empire Warriors: the player will not have to fight alone against those enemies but will also have the heroes of the kingdom. Besides towers that automatically attack enemies, players can only control heroes moving inside the gameplay area to block enemies and attack them. The special thing about these heroes is that they possess a unique skill that can be deployed if you feel that many enemies are close to the gate and need to destroy them in one go. At the same time, you will also see that these heroes can die if they are hit by many enemy attacks, so you must be careful if you do not want this to happen.

  • Face off against imposing boss enemies: Battle big boss enemies that require a special strategy to defeat.
  • Boss battles require skillful tower placement and strategy: Tower placement is key to winning these tough boss fights.
  • Defeating bosses is intensely satisfying: Beating imposing bosses feels very rewarding.


Upgrading the towers’ stats is a piece of the puzzle to help players achieve victory in Empire Warriors. The upgrade system is divided into two types: in-match and out-of-match. Out of battle, it will usually be permanent stats, and in battle, it will be temporary power and help the tower reach its maximum form. Of course, the money you earn from destroying enemies will often make the tower stronger, and resources will often be limited, forcing you to have certain priorities. In particular, you will also be curious about exploring the potential of these towers, from their rudimentary shapes to their ultimate shapes.

  • No internet is required to play this offline game: Play anywhere without needing the internet.
  • Gives you entertainment anywhere, anytime: Get entertainment on the go at any time.
  • Play on the go without worrying about connectivity: Don’t worry about the internet when playing on the move.


It can be seen that the number of towers in Empire Warriors is completely diverse, and users can combine them to create a powerful combination. Some towers are more attack-oriented, but others will often be more defense-oriented when they can create individual sub-characters to stop the enemy’s progress. At the same time, over time, the number of unlocked towers will increase, and from there, players will need to choose suitable towers to go through different levels and, in particular, be able to face new challenges. The levels you have played are not the final stop because, after each level, a side level will appear and can make you feel bitter if not strong enough.

  • Huge amount of content to play through: Tons of maps and levels to play.
  • Maps and levels are varied, challenging and fun: Great variety in challenging and fun levels.
  • Keep the game feeling fresh with so many levels: So much content keeps gameplay fresh.


In this game, there will be a number of difficulty levels that you can find, and the first difficulty level you experience is usually normal. You will be able to gradually increase your tactical skills as you go through levels from easy to difficult and feel the satisfaction of defeating your enemies. But things don’t stop there because the number of enemies in this game will become more annoying and stronger when they appear in the nightmare. You will also replay the levels you have already played but encounter stronger and more numerous enemies, so prioritize perfecting normal mode before going through a nightmare because by then, you will be confident with your towers.

  • Each hero has different powers and skills: Heroes have unique powers to match playstyles.
  • Choose the right heroes for your playstyle: Pick the heroes that fit your preferred playstyle.
  • Heroes let you customize your defense strategy: Heroes allow you to customize your defense.

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Download (123M)

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