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It is an ideal game to help users both learn how to play chess and complete challenges with virtual characters to improve their chess-playing skills. Players will be guided through detailed chess strategies no matter what level of play, making this an extremely interesting experience for players.


Players will be trained in their chess playing skills with challenging matches with virtual characters or through exercises and chess analysis. This is a very important part of the experience in which players can improve their chess skills.

  • One-on-One Instruction: Dr. Wolf will provide you with instructions and chess skills depending on your level of chess playing. It can be seen that Dr. Wolf is not only a talented coach but also a trustworthy friend who helps you overcome difficult chess games.
  • Paced Learning: Guides skills and strategies according to your ability, helping you master the basics and execute strategies that match the player’s speed. Make sure players can understand and apply it to real matches.


Not only will you learn how to play chess, but you will also be able to interact directly with Dr. Wolf to help you master basic knowledge as quickly as possible. In addition, you can also discuss directly with this character to better understand the game and have a better experience.

  • Comprehensive Lessons: Provides more than 50 chess lessons from basic to advanced to help players learn in the clearest way. This is a great opportunity for players to learn, show off their abilities at each level and improve their abilities.
  • Mistake Review: Dr. Wolf not only points out your tactical mistakes but also discusses them with you to help you better understand your problem, and you will experience a constructive learning environment.
  • Multimedia Instruction: With the combination of sound, images, practice sets, and feedback to help players have more excitement when playing chess, learning efficiency will also be improved. You will learn more easily and progress quickly.
  • Visualization and Practice: The lessons provided not only help you theoretically, but you can also practice in matches, your chess playing ability will be improved and you will be ready to face worthy opponents.


Players will experience the feeling of adapting to difficulties to ensure the learning process is flexible and more effective. Players will be encouraged to improve their spirit in matches and develop their chess-playing skills in the best way.

  • Progress Tracking: An extremely important feature, you will learn lessons that suit your playing style through tracking your chess playing ability and help develop your chess playing skills in the most effective way.
  • Gradual Progression: With different difficulty levels from basic to advanced, players can progress step by step from novice player to expert in the field of chess playing under the dedicated guidance of the virtual character in the game.
  • Self-Paced Learning: In an environment with lots of guidance, players can learn at their own pace comfortably. Players will be guided and develop their skills continuously to cope with all challenges.
  • Adjustable Challenge: An attractive and engaging experience of the game is that you will be challenged with chess skills appropriate to your ability and will not feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of the challenges. You will enjoy interesting and challenging lessons.


This is an important feature that helps you improve your chess-playing ability. Every time you make a move, this feature will explain to help you understand your strategy. With this feature, you will easily absorb and grasp chess-playing knowledge.

  • Spoken Explanations: Dr. Wolf will help you point out your strengths and weaknesses in each game, giving you an effective chess-playing experience. your chess-playing ability will be improved, and your confidence will be improved in each match.
  • Reinforces Visuals: Players will reinforce their knowledge when listening to the coach’s thought process combined with illustrations. This is an effective learning method that helps players easily understand and remember chess strategies.
  • Interactive Experience: Audio strategy instructions help players learn easily and have more excitement when playing chess. Create a fun and engaging experience that attracts many players to participate.
  • Focus on Game: The voice guidance feature helps you focus more on the game, creating an effective learning environment and also making your chess playing more flexible. You can confidently show your talent in every match.

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