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A new battle for survival is officially underway and here you are the hegemon of the world. Dawnlands Wishing you to restore a peaceful world, where humans and animals and plants can be at peace. The game provides you with a variety of weapons for fighting and facing a series of different challenges. Players can conquer challenges and build a strong, happy and peaceful world.


A world where humans will live with plants and animals and where many different types of biomes will thrive. But one day, monsters appeared, and they attacked this happy world. Players have a historical mission to protect the world, defeat different types of monsters, and bring a peaceful world to humans, animals, and plants. Cruel wars are officially opened, and new challenges are also opened.

  • Vast Biomes: You will see a place where many different biomes live, creating a diverse world.
  • Hidden Artifacts: Players will find previous artifacts and learn more about previous historical stories.
  • Dynamic Weather: Fresh atmosphere. The game has day and night, and it also displays the weather of the area you are standing in.


To defeat monsters, you must first gain the strength of a hero and then add skills. The interesting point is that the game allows you to unlock skills and makes battles more interesting. The game also provides players with special weapons and thanks to that, you can win. In addition to fighting, you also need to build a farming and hunting system to serve your living needs.

  • Resource Gathering: A series of new weapons and resources for you to collect and exploit effectively.
  • Survival Systems: Players need to organize farming, animal husbandry, and hunting to serve life needs.
  • Settlement Building: Build an important base to help your development accelerate.


Players are also given armor that can prevent the physical impact of monsters. Not only that, you can also use more weapons such as guns to shoot monsters in the sky or knives that can stab giant monsters. The war is increasingly brutal and you need to complete challenges to receive new skills for the fight.

  • Character Growth: Enhances the process of upgrading weapons as well as adding new skills.
  • Loot & Gear: Defeat monsters to have the opportunity to unlock more valuable upgrades.
  • Customization: Change the gameplay a bit and come up with a specific action plan. This helps you get more worthy victories.


Players can play with their friends and together create a perfect world. You need to assign tasks to each person, combine the strengths of your teammates to win. Besides, players also need to be flexible in the process of calling teammates. If they encounter too many difficulties, they can callright assistance. You can call for help from the game side and immediately support features will be offered for you to choose from.

  • Cooperative Play: Play with friends, form an organization, and re-manage the system to continue receiving new missions. Besides, it is also necessary to flexibly combine combat power.
  • Social Systems: Players can meet new friends, chat through the game, and meet each other in real life.
  • Online Community: The random combination of strength with other players will create excitement for you in the process of conquering challenges.


You are a person in a new era, the one who holds and operates this world, so you also need to learn about previous history. Previously, the world was in the hands of monsters and they were very cruel when killing all innocent animals. Besides, the disappearance of the previous world owner has not yet been answered, you should research to get more new information. New stories continue to open up and you will continue to write more interesting historical stories in this game.

  • Mystery of the Ancients: Players need to discover the mysteries of the past about forgotten civilizations.
  • Environmental Storytelling: Based on images of the past to guess the reasons for events and gain more evidence to find the truth.
  • RPG-Style Questing: Explore new stories and unlock quests to gain more information about the past world.

Dawnlands v1.0.806 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (138M)

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