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Although the game industry has dramatically changed, dating simulators are still pretty awesome. Dangerous Fellows has been remembered, and its genre has become much more popular, knowing how to connect different worlds and details.


The story of Dangerous Fellows takes place during a time when a dangerous disease caused by a virus and the world has no longer become a green environment. A terrible virus pandemic has begun and spread to every corner of the Earth. Most people have been infected and turned into zombies, but you are one of the few who survived. But it can be pretty bad to live in this terrible world. You have to fight and run away from the hungry zombies around you.

Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game

No matter how careful you are, there will be times when you won’t notice. Once, you couldn’t stop being hungry and had to go out to eat. Of course, zombies will always lurk to wait for the victim to come out and grab them immediately. When you are in a difficult situation, the weird guys help you and take you to a haven. Now that you’re officially in the game, your goal is to ensure everyone survives the terrible pandemic. Among the people here are growing friendships, loves, and bonds of friendship. You are the one who will find the answer.


You will be accompanied by five main characters who are graduate students at the university, Lawrence, Eugene, Ethan, Zion, and Harry. They don’t seem to know each other, but something strange brings them together. Each guy looks and acts differently, so the story always takes an unexpected turn. Their choices will sometimes change the course of the story, but you’re the only one with complete control. You will begin your journey to find out what happened and whether it has anything to do with the people you met. Will something happen that will change who they are? As you get closer to the answer, the game becomes more interesting.

Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game


When it was just a story, no one knew what could happen. Have you ever wondered if this character will betray you, or are they the answer to a pressing human problem? In an interactive novel, you must learn many things and figure out how the story ends. With a non-linear approach that allows you to choose, each player will find a different ending. Of course, you can play this game and find out how it ends. Seven different endings depending on your choices, so even if you play repeatedly, there will always be something new to learn and feel.

Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game


The game has many valuable features you can try to improve your experience level and make the game more fun. For example, you can change the clothes of your companion characters. Dangerous Fellows gives you a large number of beautiful costumes for you to choose from for your character. You can help her main character become more prominent and beautiful in front of the boys. This will also be an opportunity to impress them and help your character find the other half of his life.

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Download (105M)

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