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Cricbuzz specializes in updating official and accurate information about the sport of cricket. Match results are sent to you quickly if you do not have time to watch. In addition, the device’s interface is completely covered with various articles, and match predictions are also included for users’ reference. The results of the season are constantly updated, and famous cricket names will become sought after because everyone wants to know who the best athlete is. Additionally, the number of prominent athletes is often found on the lists, so don’t hesitate to express your positive opinion about it.


Cricket is one of the sports that is quite famous for its completely interesting and competitive ways of playing, along with its quite high accuracy. Therefore, to get information and experience before watching a match, Cricbuzz is a great choice for those who like this sport. It does not rebroadcast matches but focuses on updating information related to upcoming matches. If you don’t have a chance to watch your favorite matches, don’t be sad. Let this application help you update the scores through each turn in chronological order and, most accurately, every second. If you know your team is the winner, then you can watch the replay of the match with joy.

  • See results quickly: By using the application, you will be the one to see the goal first.
  • Don’t ignore athlete activity: Every movement on the field is fed back to the device until it’s all over.
  • Accurate and fast: If you can’t watch the match live, you can have fun with your friends and athletes with real results.


Match information is updated chronologically, and athletes make changes during the match. With this accurate update, Cricbuzz completely brings the same feeling as you are watching a real match. Always be motivated by what’s going to happen next, or just change your mood, and your mood will be turned upside down immediately. For those who just want to update which team won, on the outside of the interface, a green line will appear clearly noting the number of points and the team that won in the last round. You can scroll continuously until upcoming matches with the characteristic that the score information will be empty.

  • Latest announcements: Cricket-specific news from around the world gathered in a single app.
  • Voices from experts: In addition to journalists’ perspectives, the application also provides opinions from people with expertise on a certain match.


Being a sport, users certainly cannot help but see articles continuously updated by the application. In any sport, newspapers will often be the tool to update official information related to a team or athletes. Hot information will constantly be released and often appear in major tournaments related to crickets. So, you can read objective comments about the matches or upcoming predictions based on the abilities and results of previous cricket teams. Anyone loves this because they can feel secure with what their cricket team has achieved or disappointed when the results are completely unsatisfactory.

  • Full information: As a sports lover, users cannot ignore the basic backgrounds of athletes and teams.
  • Results are constantly updated: A person’s achievements in a season are always a hot topic to choose the best person.
  • Tactical analysis: Based on the team’s results and tactics, one can know the winning percentage.


As mentioned above, fluctuations in a match will often be updated continuously on the timeline, and you can see the audience’s comment area. This element is often used to express viewers’ feelings towards the match, whether they watch it live or not. So, a great victory and an uncountable number of comments on the match will absolutely be found. Reading comments sometimes completely makes users feel happy when many people agree with their views or comments with content that surprises or cannot predict them. Express your positive opinion and don’t hesitate because it’s your right to freely express your feelings about sports.

  • Review key moments: Sometimes, just one goal can make a person feel happy all day.
  • Many different angles: With beautiful highlights, users cannot ignore interesting and new things that help reflect the match.
  • Post-match commentary: You can enjoy what happened and listen to the experts’ analysis.


After a season of a sport, including cricket, a summary of the achievements of a team or an individual is often done throughout. From there, viewers can learn who the best player is this season, and this is done simply by looking at a list. This list shows the number of players with achievements who are ranked from low to high, and usually, they will pay attention to the character ranked first. Next, there will be athletes they feel have potential or are simply curious about, with a name frequently mentioned next to the athlete they like.

  • Set match notifications: You shouldn’t miss the matches you want to watch thanks to accurate reminders from the app.
  • Latest news: By doing the setup, users can fully know the hot stuff of their favorite team or athlete.
  • Never out of date: The application’s features are so powerful that users cannot ignore any information.

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