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CCleaner is a set of management tools from hardware to files stored inside Android devices with the aim of helping its performance become stable and preserve its longevity. Users can receive a diverse amount of information for each part of the device to come up with solutions. In particular, for files or applications, users can perform multiple actions instead of only being able to touch a single object. In addition, you can protect the life of your device by applying some features to the CPU, RAM, and other hardware.


Android device space is often taken up for many different reasons, and one of them is usually because of content you don’t use or junk files. So, let CCleaner help you identify and delete these types of files. The elements that can take up that file can be web histories that are insignificant in terms of capacity, but when accumulated in a large enough amount, it is also a problem. If you also forget files you don’t use often, the application will suggest how to delete them in a flash. In addition, it can impact many other aspects.

  • Safe cleaning: Safely cleans junk files, browser history, clipboard content, and more.
  • Removal: Removes unnecessary files and residual data cluttering up storage.
  • Storage optimization: Masters device storage by fully optimizing and reclaiming space.


When you grant usage rights to CCleaner, you will be the first to receive device-related information. That will be the amount of space in use and the factors that take up a lot of this to have a way to clean up things that have not been used for a long time. Specifically, these could be APK files that you download or office files left over after each work session. Applications are also targeted as you can recognize how long you haven’t used it so you can delete it quickly. The app also provides a batch-cleaning feature to save users’ time.

  • Storage analysis: Quickly analyzes and identifies applications and files taking up valuable storage.
  • Bulk uninstall: Easily bulk uninstall multiple unwanted apps at once.
  • Residual cleaning: Clears residual and obsolete files to free up more room.


Battery life is also a factor that CCleaner pays close attention to with the aim of helping your battery life be maintained for as long as possible. It will always check battery status and clearly recognize factors that can affect your battery life. From there, you can influence these factors in a simple way, such as stopping operations or removing them completely. If the battery remains stable, using the device will still be smoother, and your experience will change immediately when using the application. An app is also an object that can apply commands simultaneously from the application.

  • Battery drain analysis: Check which apps are draining your battery life.
  • Data usage analysis: Determines the impact of individual apps’ data usage.
  • Background app analysis: Finds unused apps that are wasting resources in the background.
  • App management: Manages all apps efficiently with App Manager.


Android devices are not only a place to store information but also a library of multimedia, and this is also a clear group of reasons that affect your capacity. Of course, working with this group will sometimes take some time, but when using the application, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary things quickly. Specifically, duplicate or poor-quality images are displayed before your eyes, and you will be the one to think about whether to put them in the trash or not. In addition, you can compress unnecessary things or delete them permanently if you want.

  • Photo cleaning: Removes blurry, dark, duplicated, and poor-quality photos.
  • Compression: Reduces file sizes with compression options to save space.
  • Private photo removal: Safely deletes photos from private chats and messages.
  • Optimization: Keeps your photo library neat and optimized.


Besides software-related features, hardware testing features should also not be overlooked, as users will be able to know the status of important elements. Specifically, you can know the temperature and the heating elements can disappear with just one touch. Factors related to the operation, such as RAM, will also be checked, and elements running in the background will be removed so that the device only focuses on the main applications being used. This device will be absolutely necessary if you own a device with not very powerful hardware.

  • CPU monitoring: Checks real-time usage of CPU, RAM, and internal storage.
  • Battery monitoring: Monitors battery levels and device temperature.
  • Performance insights: Provides insights into overall device performance.
  • Easy interface: Easy to use with a simple, intuitive interface.

CCleaner v24.10.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (41M)

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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