Car Company Tycoon

Car Company Tycoon v1.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Car Company Tycoon Mod APK, a unique automotive economic simulator, shows cars and technologies from 1970 to 2023. Use the customizing options to create your dream car and announce it. Waiting for success?

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Car Company Tycoon is said to be a game that simulates the car business model of large corporations quite realistically. Here, players will be allowed to build their career empire based on manufacturing and selling their own car brands. Of course, players will have to start from zero, and over time, they will build a reputation for themselves to become a big player in the automobile manufacturing industry. There will be new challenges approaching us that require players to make accurate decisions about investing in infrastructure and investing in new technology to make production more efficient.


Because players will be allowed to create their own car company to dominate the auto industry, players will certainly be allowed to customize the car model they intend to produce. What players are allowed to do to their car will be mainly the engine. Players need to constantly upgrade the car’s components and integrate them together to create a powerful car.

  • Design your dream car across many common body types: Besides designing the car’s power, players should also design the car’s frame to be most eye-catching.
  • Create a unique vehicle: And, of course, it is indispensable that your vehicle must have the most beautiful color tone that suits the player’s wishes.


The most important thing for players to be able to manage and develop their car manufacturing company to become a resounding success in the industry is that they will have to come up with reasonable operating campaigns for the company. Here, players can learn a little about their competitors to come up with appropriate marketing tactics, or they can focus all their efforts on improving their car models to create success. Great brand recognition.

  • Make key decisions as a CEO: However, the key point of this game is how to create efficiency in production. For that reason, players need to design the factory as well as set its location appropriately.
  • React to events like recall: This game is quite realistic because it will also require players to make wise decisions whenever production problems occur, causing reliability to decrease.


Don’t think that this is just a car manufacturing simulation game so being able to build a car here is easy. Although it is a car assembly simulation game, players need to gain practical knowledge about how a car works and how to improve it best without causing errors. That is also the reason why this game allows players to test their cars many times before they release them to the market.

  • Accurately simulates real car design: Everything in the game is simulated based on what is real in real life, from the engine system to the design of the car to get the most advantages on the road.
  • Review feedback from renowned auto critics: To increase the authenticity of the game, the developers have added a feature to help players receive more feedback from car reviewers in the game.


Achieving the highest position in the car manufacturing industry in this game is considered a huge challenge because when starting the game, the player is considered a beginner starting from zero in the industry. Although this is a game, players have to compete with other forces very fiercely because these are people who have already established names in the industry. So, when playing here, you need to use all your creativity and leadership skills to achieve the biggest goal in the game.

  • Design cars to meet customer demand: To be able to enter this fierce market and make a name for yourself, players need to offer innovation while still meeting user needs in the market.
  • Become a leader in sales: Although it is quite easy to outperform an AI in the game, to become superior to other players in the rankings, players need to constantly upgrade their production system.


The first impression of gamers here may be that this is just a game that simulates building the most advanced motorcycle factory. However, as time goes on, it will be easier for players to realize that the problem here is that they are really trying to create a strong automobile business group, not just a factory. For this reason, in addition to producing cars, players may also need to participate in activities that help boost the financial aspect of the company, such as investing in other companies in this game.

  • Make strategic choices: To make your corporation stronger, players need to pay attention to which party to invest in to get the most production advantage,
  • Grow from a small startup: For players to be able to develop a corporation from zero, they will need to put in a lot of effort in this game, especially the initial financial part, to invest.

Car Company Tycoon v1.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (28.M)

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