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BetterSleep v24.10 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

BetterSleep Mod APK helps you sleep better with sounds, stories, tracking, and science-based recommendations.

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  • Premium/Paid Features Unlocked
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BetterSleep offers a series of different features to address problems that affect sleep. These features may be advice that has been tested and guaranteed to be effective in specific subjects or industries. In addition, sound sequences such as stories or pure natural sounds are also added with the purpose of helping users relax themselves and especially remove negative thoughts from their heads. As long as you follow these tips, after a period of using the application, you will be surprised at the results you get.


BetterSleep is completely suitable for those who are having problems with their sleep, as this application will provide appropriate help so you can sleep well or fall asleep faster. You will choose the methods that you find suitable because insomnia will often be related to many different factors. But this factor may be because you are distracted by something. You are currently feeling stressed and conscious all the time. It can be said that as long as you know the problem, you can immediately choose the right feature to experience, and gradually, everything will get better. The good effect that comes to you is that you go to bed on time and have enough energy for the next day.

  • Falling asleep easily: Dreamy soundscapes, bedtime stories, and meditations are perfectly tuned to your needs.
  • Soothing narration: Voices lull you to sleep gently and naturally.


BetterSleep’s library is a collection of tips, sounds, and more that you’ll take your time to explore. So, as mentioned above, you should try things that you feel are suitable for advice. These tips are extracted into different audio files that you must listen to from start to finish and follow each step. At the same time, these tips have been applied and succeeded in many subjects or may come from a specific profession requiring good health and timely sleep. Stay calm, relax, and follow what you hear. Follow the instructions to get the heavy things out of your head.

  • Sleep cycle insights: Track your sleep cycles, duration, and quality.
  • Habit analysis: Get insights into your sleep habits and patterns.
  • Improvement recommendations: Discover actionable ways to improve your sleep.


Whether you are successful or not is not something that can be seen in a short period, as you will need to get used to the right rest regimen based on the advice. At the same time, parameters related to you will be continuously updated and stored inside the device, which you can open at any time to view. Just a small change is a huge positive for users because their mental health is gradually improving and moving away from negative things. In particular, the up or down charts are the clearest proof of this, so after a period of time, don’t forget to update what you have done.

  • Expert knowledge: Learn about the science of sleep from experts.
  • Personal chronotype: Discover your personal sleep chronotype.
  • Unique needs: Understand your unique sleep needs.


Besides these tips for better sleep, there are some more solutions for those who don’t know what to do before bed. These are also often mistakes when they use smartphones and surf social networking sites late at night, making it difficult to go to sleep. Therefore, a basic solution that everyone has done as a child is to listen to stories to help them go to sleep easier. The application will integrate into a library of more than 100 hundred stories with different genres, but they have one common characteristic: they easily make you fall asleep a few tens of minutes after the story is read.

  • Expansive library: Explore a library of 300+ sleep sounds and mixes.
  • Design expertise: Sounds are designed by in-house experts to aid sleep.
  • Customization: Create customized soundscapes to your preferences.


If you feel like the story doesn’t help you fall asleep faster or it’s completely childish, don’t worry because there are additional sounds. These sounds will often be sounds related to nature to help you relax completely and quickly. In particular, the variety of sounds can help you find which one suits you best, and in the following days, you just need to focus on what you listened to to maintain bedtime. Everything you do is reflected and when there is a change, you will feel happy and continue to maintain a reasonable rest regime.

  • Innovative techniques: Experience bedtime relaxation techniques.
  • Expert collaboration: Developed with sleep experts to prepare your body for rest.
  • Stress reduction: Gentle exercises to reduce stress and quiet the mind.

BetterSleep v24.10 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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