ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved v2.0.29 MOD APK (All Unlocked, Unlimited Amber, Items, Menu)

In ARK: Survival Evolved Mod APK, players must live on a mystery island named ARK by gathering materials, crafting goods, and building shelters. The game’s open world comprises woods, jungles, caverns, deserts, and more.

App Name ARK: Survival Evolved
Size 2.24 GB
Latest Version 2.0.29
MOD Info All Unlocked, Unlimited Amber, Items, Menu
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  • Unlocked content from the Primal Pass and Ascendant Creature Unlock (they will show as locked in the store!)
  • Free craft
  • Engrams can be spent even if you don’t have enough of them (disable after use)
    Unlimited ember and items (enable only in inventory and shop)
  • God Mod

The dinosaur era is unimaginably terrible. The thought of living alongside crocodiles is unnerving. The reptiles are now dozens of times larger than modern crocodiles. And they roam. Many individuals still desire to experience dinosaurs if given the chance. ARK: Survival Evolved brings dinosaurs to your phone. Weapons will help you catch them as they travel about. Players must show humanity’s greatest powers in this survival quest. Amazing intelligence.


Walking around the massive 100 square kilometers would take a day of gaming. Do not be foolish and try to avoid this fact. It’s full of prehistoric animals eager to strike. This map has grown due to the oncoming threat. A completed intelligent movement method can be examined by the player. There are white-sand beaches, mountains rising from prehistoric jungles, valleys full of natural resources, and hidden caverns. Upon closer inspection, the game has a distinct environment. After all this human advancement, natural wonders remain still amazing. Several intriguing new locations have been added to promote exploration and the finding of more uncommon and unique items.

  • Explore Over 100 sq km of Terrain: Over 100 sq km of explorable terrain with beaches, mountains, valleys, and caves.
  • Dynamic Persistent Ecosystems: Dynamic, persistent ecosystems with predators, prey, and climatic conditions.
  • Discover New Locations: Discover ruins, underwater caves, and other mysterious locations.


The pride of this game is that it has simulated more than 80 types of dinosaurs for players to experience. They will range from extremely agile carnivorous dinosaurs to herbivorous dinosaurs with outstanding physiques. Thanks to this, your knowledge of how these animals lived in ancient times looked like. Furthermore, they also have different living and hunting habits. Learning these behaviors increases your chances of catching them. Even tame them. Try to plan properly so you can keep them in one place. Catching them is a challenge, but keeping them in one place, nurturing and taming them is a long battle. It’s also a much more daunting process.

  • Tame Dinosaurs: Tame, breed, and ride dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Triceratops, Pteranodons, and more.
  • Unique Creatures: Each creature has unique behaviors, movements, and abilities.
  • Dino Bonding: Tactics needed to tame, train, and build rapport with creatures.


How big is the game world really? It can accommodate hundreds of players participating in the hunting process. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that you have to fight the terrible species up there alone. Furthermore, to catch and tame them, you also need help. That is, players can combine together to create tribes where people help each other to create value. If the scale of the hunt becomes too large, people will even create a giant city to accommodate all needs. Besides, it is not necessarily true that everyone will have the same consciousness. There will be war between tribes happening here, too. At this time, the tamed dinosaurs will become heavy weapons in battles.

  • Massive Online World: Join up with hundreds of other players in a large-scale online world.
  • Form Tribes: Form tribes, parties, and alliances to collaborate and share resources.
  • Build Cities: Build villages, even giant cities, with other players.


Besides the rudimentary weapons you receive at the beginning, you have almost nothing. To have successful dinosaur hunts, you need strong enough tools. Don’t rush to go hunting because right now, you are much weaker than your opponent. Must exploit some materials and craft suitable weapons for each type of object. Furthermore, to have quality rest, there must be good shelters. That way, you don’t have to be afraid of encountering unnecessary dangers. In addition, as the days go by, you become richer and have a larger force. Then, we must build strong citadels with our own armies. And, if you’re a smart enough human being, it’s even possible to generate electricity.

  • Craft Weapons & Items: Harvest resources to craft weapons, clothes, and equipment to ensure survival.
  • Build Shelters: Build shelters and eventually villages, towns, and cities over time.
  • Advanced Building: State-of-the-art building and painting of structures.


Although the main point is still dinosaur hunting, this game is truly a survival game. This mechanism forces players to search for food and water to survive. How can I hunt a creature as big as a building when I don’t have the health to run 100km? Moreover, during the day, we have to hunt, and at night, we have to sleep. But what if there are some species that are only active at night? In general, you must plan your strategy carefully; this enemy is more powerful than any enemy you know.

  • Survival Mechanics: Survival mechanics include finding food, water, and shelter to stay alive.
  • Realistic World: Day/night cycle, freezing temperatures, and harsh storms for added realism.
  • Combat Tactics: Combat tactics needed to fend off dinosaurs and other players.

ARK: Survival Evolved v2.0.29 MOD APK (All Unlocked, Unlimited Amber, Items, Menu) Download

Download (2.24 GB)

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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