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  • Free Shopping
  • Money No decrease
  • God Mod
  • Unlimited Energy Turn

Info :
-Enable Unlimited Energy before enter battle.
-Enable God Mod before clicking “End turn” and disable when its your turn.

Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG is a strategy game that uses cards, and players will accompany heroes with STR, AGI, or INT stats to participate in exciting matches. In a world of gods, players will absolutely love what they get and unlock the potential of their chosen character. At the same time, the index is quite compatible with the deck you own, so just create powerful card combos, and the effects will be activated immediately. New cards considered as rewards or exchange items are also the goals you need to aim for in this game.


Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG opens up a beautiful and bright world where you have the opportunity to meet many heroic characters who are absolutely beautiful in appearance and cool in the way of attack. You will accompany them in conquering and challenging battles related to the gods and collect a series of different power cards from there. Each card will bring a unique path to developing your power, so mastering a series of skills is also a miracle for you. Therefore, combining them in battle is something that is done continuously because the effectiveness they bring must be taken advantage of.

  • Enter dungeons: Entering dangerous places always brings extremely unexpected rewards.
  • Combine the cards you have: Because they possess unique effects, the hero’s power can be optimized over time.


Before entering the main gameplay of Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG, players are forced to choose the character that suits them. There will be three starting characters with almost the same appearance but different jobs they hold and priority stats. These priority indicators will be emphasized more strongly than the remaining indicators, and each character has all the points, such as STR, AGI, and INT. At the same time, you can choose any character and any job if you want, but there is a point to note: a character will usually be suitable for a certain job. If you are a new player, you should enjoy the maximum potential that these characters bring, and then you can create the gameplay you want.

  • Explore the world of gods: Players will travel through many different planets where gods still exist.
  • Find out the cause of the battle: Depending on your decisions and victory, the secrets of gods and monsters will be revealed.


Once you have acquired a companion character, you will pass through tutorials to familiarize yourself with the full mechanics. The mechanisms are quite easy to understand, so you need to read them carefully before entering to avoid not knowing how to combine cards. Each match gives players a set number of cards and a mana potion to activate the cards. On each card, there is an attached amount of mana to use, and the smallest number is zero, which means no mana loss, but sometimes you have to trade HP to activate such cards. At the same time, when you activate cards of the same set, STR, AGI, or INT will activate effects such as STR allowing the user to receive additional buffs, AGI will provide additional cards, and INT will expand the amount of mana you can use.

  • Strategic battle setup: A 1vs.1 battle will take place where gods and monsters will try to be the last to influence.
  • Many skills can be combined: Powerful effects will be created and change the outcome of the match immediately.
  • Diversity in the number of cards: With a potential deck, you should create connections between cards from more than 300 units.


Over time, you will be able to win different matches and, from there, be eligible to upgrade your characters. Upgraded potential will unlock currently locked passive skills, and your win rate will increase. Especially if you want to play locked characters, then definitely what you need to do is upgrade to the maximum that you have. This is completely doable because everyone wants their character to be strong and be able to satisfy them in different matches. Additionally, having multiple goals done at the same time will always motivate them.

  • Beautiful environment: The game world is considered a work of art made entirely by hand.
  • Mysterious and powerful: For those who love myths about gods, the game is the perfect choice.
  • Collect powerful warriors: The number of characters with diverse powers and designs will attract players and create exciting moments of entertainment.


After each match, players can expand the number of cards they own and receive it as a reward for completing the battle. In particular, there are many ways to update new cards in Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG, as you can buy more from merchants and, from there, create completely impressive combos when your card set is gone only STR but also expands AGI and INT. So, don’t just focus on strength; focus on other stats as well. Sometimes, an extra stat can create a winning miracle for you.

  • Increase character power: Level is always important in RPG games because it governs the hero’s potential.
  • Many exciting new updates: New enemies will appear in events and require you to update new cards.
  • Replay multiple times: To collect maximum resources, it is understandable that players sometimes replay a stage.

Ancient Gods v1.13.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping, God Mode) Download

Download (197.44 MB)

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