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If you’re passionate about anime and creative relaxation, don’t miss this game. The game allows you to relax and create incredibly exciting anime pictures or videos and share them with your friends and other users. I’m sure it’ll always attract you.


You’re a creative fan, a fan of anime and their characters, and an enthusiast of character creation, the creation of anime characters in your character community, from which players will relax with their games and pictures, and their anime characters.

  • Life-Like Rendering: You’ll have a picture, and your job is to turn it into an advanced AI anime artwork, which will be very interesting and attractive to you because it’s very impressive.
  • Anime Yourself: A fun way to create an anime for yourself, friends, pets, or any photo. Those pictures will be your happy picture when you are made with your own hands with your needs, preferences, and desires.
  • Unique Avatars: You will create a lot of unique anime images, very nice and lively pictures, and pictures that fit your needs and preferences, from which you can use that image to share on social networks and boast to your friends and relatives.
  • Anime Immersion: Players can completely immerse themselves in the world of anime, a world of imagination but a very real world like poetry when you become an anime and a character in that world.


You will be able to play right away, no matter what the light conditions, in the dark or in any other conditions, the important thing in the game is to always improve the player’s experience even in the shadows to have a much more exciting feeling.

  • Comfortable Viewing: Players can easily view and adjust comfortably and easily with everything. Adjusting the color to be comfortable at night will be a wise and easy choice for the player.
  • Reduces Eyestrain: Playing this game, you’ll be perfectly able to relieve eye fatigue when using that app in the dark. It is an eye-free app with beautiful and impressive details and colors, which will surely fascinate you.
  • Dark Mode Themes: There are many different themes in the game, incredibly creative and engaging themes, and fresh new themes give you a playground with a great experience. Additionally, there is a dark mode, allowing players to play in the dark for more exciting experiences.
  • Enhanced Visuals: In this game, you will be improving your image and video when viewing in low light conditions; no matter how bad the lighting conditions are, it will give you a good playing angle, and everything is improved to the maximum.


The adorable anime characters and the adorable experiences for you will all give you a beautiful look along with the most exciting moments of relaxation, make you fascinated with the game, and remember to share it on social networks.

  • Anime Lenses: You will become very cute characters, very lovely characters thanks to the funny AR lens, from which you will bring the joy and the feeling of refreshing in this game.
  • Customizable Looks: Added anime makeup, hairstyles, accessories and more, all for the beauty and adorable style of the anime, you will customize to your preferences for the best fit possible.
  • Interactive Experience: Have interactive experiences with your phone camera, which will be a lot more engaging and special for you when engaging, playing, and interacting with real life.
  • Seamless Animation: Create seamless animations for filters with facial tracking and incredible and state-of-the-art features for modern gameplay to play maximum accessories without getting bored.
  • Social Sharing: Share your new cute social interface, which is displayed and spread on a vibrant and unexpected social network, which will give your friends a follow-up and feedback.


Videos everywhere or in your library are animated, all of them very lively and engaging, videos with smooth movements and captivating viewers in any way.

  • Anime Aesthetic: A game that converts real video into an anime-style cartoon, which will be more interesting and engaging than multiplication. The more interesting the style of looking through the anime doorway, the more relaxed the viewer will feel.
  • Hand-Drawn Look: Applying the classic hand-drawn anime aesthetics, you will experience the classic feelings of the hand that guarantee a more attractive beauty than ever before, giving you the sensation of refreshment.
  • Shareable Videos: Create high-quality anime videos to share with people to watch, export quality videos to watch and enjoy with people, and remember to share on social networks to enjoy more easily.


Your anime works should be shared with other users and watched by other users, you can watch and express emotions or comments comfortably, through games and challenges that will give you unexpected creativity in gameplay and engaging anime creations.

  • Share Creations: Players can totally share their creations and watch other users’ anime artworks, incredibly exceptional creations, and you can completely share them with friends and watch others’ works easily.
  • Customized Feed: Track friends and creators for custom feed, which will drive every development as well as your creative process going faster and more convenient.
  • Engage with Users: Express emotions about those videos, likes, and comments about photos and anime videos, contentment and dissatisfaction factors, or comments about what your process is going to take place.
  • Join Challenges: Use the hashtag to take part in the challenge. There are challenges for you to face and use easily, then you can pass easily and spectacularly with the anime.

AI Anime Filter v3.2.32 APK (Full Version) Download

Download (230M)

You are now ready to download AI Anime Filter for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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